Thursday, August 25, 2011

When Shall the USA STOP ????

When Shall the USA Stop this misery by killing innocent people for no reason??? Has not the world have enough martyrs of all religions , races , colours , nationalities ??? Why has America  made itself the super ruler of the  universe ??? Did n't the world have enough miseries ??? I keep asking myself and other people ,,,I keep reading and investigating , yet I find no answer ,,, Why has the American government been so BRUTAL ,, barbaric and evil ? What is the use of all this slaughtering and chaos in the whole world ??Is not America rich enough to survive another century??Why does it play the  role  of benefactor whereas it  is  really committing all the filthy criminal acts in so many countries ...Afghanistan , Iraq, Libya .. Syria ,, Yemen ,, and God knows which other countries that we are not aware of ,,, Instead of spending billions of dollars on weapons and wars why not spend these amounts of money for the sake of those who are starving to death in Africa ,,,or dying of fatal diseases ,,, in the past I used to write about the billions on space which could be allocated for humanitarian purposes ,,,now WARS = which are more dangerous man- made disasters are the game of the American government ,,, and who is to blame ,,,no one knows what is going on inside the BLACK HOUSE ( not the White House) ,,,, plots after plots after plots ,,,, all to destroy the Arab world ,, the Islamic countries in the name of liberation and democracy ,,,, WHAT BIG FOOLS ARE WE both the Arabs and Muslims === yes we are the greatest fools on earth to let Israel and the Zionists USA control us ,,,NOW it is been proved - after all this chaos === that we are the greatest fools on earth to let three  evil triangle( Israel , Zionism , USA ) rule us and we are sitting watching our countries and our people torn apart daily ,,, I think we deserve all that is happening to us because we NEVER realize that those three are the enemies of humanity ,,, so now what shall we do ,,we keep whining ,, crying ,, complaining ,, but it is no use any more ,,, what is done is done ,,,no use and no point of crying over spilled   milk  so we will spend the rest of our life trying to remember how idiots we  were and still are because we have given our souls to the USA,,,we have sold our souls to the devil ,,,, 
WE NEED AN AWAKENING ,,, BUT I doubt whether we WILL BE AWAKENED because 90% of us are BRAIN -WASHED ,,,we are now in a long term ever lasting coma .....  

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