Saturday, August 27, 2011

HUMANITY ----Where TO ?????


Day by day people in general and governments, decision makers , decision takers , administrators , politicians and all those responsible are losing their humanity ,,, the world has become a brutal savage wilderness wherein there is nothing but violence , slaughter, crimes, killing , wars and all sorts of man-made disasters ,,,, 

This is the QUESTION which I have been asking myself  as well as others  ,,,,really I can  not find an answer to this  because it seems that we are now living in more or less a place more barbaric than a jungle wherein beasts have to live on others  ,,, except that in the jungle beast kill to eat in order to survive ,,,yet the so called human beings - who are only only different forms of beasts ---kill ,, slaughter ,,,and commit crimes not to survive or eat ,,,but to get money ,,,so it is GREED that is driving them to their beastly savagery ,,,,, 
Centuries ago , people were characterized by their humane, ,  merciful kind  gentle, peaceful  behaviour  and manners ,,, their hearts were full of love for their own race - the human race - as well as for animals except for those whom they have to eat  in order to survive ,,, life was simple , normal , full of hope , love and peace ,,,, 
When man started having a desire to be better than his  brother , neighbour , friend or his countrymen , he developed GREED ,,,then enmity , hatred and all bad feelings filled his heart so he started to use force in order to get his goal ,,, little by little man became more brutal ,,, his feelings changed even among his own family members ,, he started behaving in a violent way ,, more brutal ,,less merciful ,,, no kindness ,,, no love ,,, suddenly man turned into a violent robot who can be moved according to his greedy hostile violent manners thus he changed and in this way he lost his humanity little by little ,,,,,
In order to achieve his goals and get whatever he wants , he started killing ,,, fighting and making wars --- again-- not to survive BUT to get more and more ,,,to satisfy his greed ,,, and his greed NEVER stops at any limit ,,,, WHAT A PITY ,,, HUMANITY IS IN GREAT DANGER,,, ALAS ,,,,

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