Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Patriotism ???

What Patriotism ??
 I wonder how can Iraqis  keep seeking asylum to migrate to the USA = the country & government which has destroyed Iraq ,,leaving it a destructed place smelling of DEATH till this moment ,,,Till yesterday the number of innocent Iraqis slaughtered by the USA since the invasion  is = 1,455,590 according to the Information Clearing House report....
Till today the whole country is under serious danger : the air is polluted , the infrastructure is completely destroyed , unemployment, corruption of all sorts , diseases , no electricity , no sanitation , no water , poverty , insecurity , unsafe life all over the country , the whole environment is unhealthy , no daily service and worst than all killing and slaughtering every day = what America has brought to Iraq  in order to NEST there is the SECTARIAN war ,,, I have mentioned this in my previous articles = Iraq has been living peacefully for hundreds of years with what is called sectarian differences = no problems were aroused at all : in each hose you find a Sunni husband & A Shia wife  for generations and no one ever though of it as a DIFFERENCE  not to mention as a PROBLEM - now it is the MAIN ISSUE for which people find excuses to quarrel and probably to have enmity that might lead to killing -for those ignorant uneducated irreligious people and how great in number those are now in Iraq ,,, the USA has invaded Iraq to get its OIL & other WEALTH & RESOURCES and every one knows that IRAQ itself is a PRICELESS TREASURE ,,,so to play the role of a SAVIOUR ,,,the USA invade Iraq saying that it will liberate it and that Saddan Husain was  THREAT to America & the American  nation = THANK GOODNESS Bush - the worst evil  ogre ever - has admitted his great mistake by invading Iraq because there is no of  weapons mass destruction neither was Saddam of any threat to any one ,,,YET it was too late because the CRIME has been committed and Iraq is DESTRUCTED & it will NEVER be back to where it was ,,,the IRAQI nation is suffering  and we are almost going to be demolished because of the USA government and whoever allied to it .
My QUESTION is = How can any decent honest Iraqi be able to seek asylum to this country which destroyed his / her own-? I consider this TREASON ,,,,Because if one has any patriotism in his heart and love to his own  fellowmen / people / nation  and country ; I DO NOT THINK THAT ONE WILL HAVE the feeling to go and live among those who approved of torturing his/her own people every day ... What is the difference then if an Iraqi or Arab seeks asylum in Israel ??? It is in fact the same = the only difference is the name = we all know that the USA is only doing what Israel dictates to it so Do you think that you can forgive these thousands of Iraqis who are going to America for asylum ???? I do NOT think so ...
I consider each and every Iraqi who seeks asylum in America is a TRAITOR and he/she does not deserve to be respected ,,in fact I think that they have sold their souls to the DEVIL himself ..May they all rot in HELL 

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