Thursday, July 14, 2011

America's Dirty Dream Comes TRUE

Iis SO clear NOW  more than ever that all the so called HUMANITARIAN ORGANIZATIONS are no more than names in the list of the USA 's tail ,,,how so strange that such organizations which are supposed to be helping the oppressed nations have been abiding by the USA's rules despite the fact that america 's aims and targets  have been clearly discovered and its ugly plot has been revealed after all these true factual  secrets of Wikileaks spread and the whole world realizes the dirty malicious evil work of America & the Zionists ,,,the UN organizations have not changed its policies concerning  lifting the oppression + tyranny on the victimized nations = on the contrary , they kept backing and supporting whatever America said or did ====what an irony ,,, so should these organizations be called HUMANITARIAN any more??? I do NOT think so ...I think that now AMERICA has bought everything in this world = of course it is - in fact- Israel who is RULING everything and America is its illegitimate child  who is ready to die for it ...WHY  ??? Because Israel has got the BRAIN ... the SPIRIT ...the ESSENCE ,,,and America is nothing but the TOOL ...the MEANS ...the yes man dog who is ready to die for it as long as it stays in power and  as long as no other country can interfere or object ,,,How did the USSR suddenly lost its power = which was the strongest  opponent to the USA ,,,by JEWISH ZIONISTS ' INTELLIGENT brains and planning ,,,America was only an executor ,,an agent ,,,the subject ....When shall the rest of the world be AWAKENED from this BRAIN WASH which America did to the whole globe ,,,I WONDER ,,,But it will surely be too late because - it seems that we are on the verge ,,we are heading towards the END of the WORLD ..
If we think about this last fifty years of violence , we realize the dirty evil crimes America is committing against humanity all over the world ..The UN & and all other so called humanitarian organizations are UNABLE to lay a finger ,,,BECAUSE ISRAEL & AMERICA are RULING the WHOLE WORLD ,,,
There are hundreds of sad real stories of killings and slaughtering  that are still going on in IRAQ ,,,AFGHANISTAN ,,,now LIBYA ,,further SYRIA ,,YEMEN ,,,just name it ,,,,massacres like this happens  every day now all over the countries where the USA has put its finger ,,,where the USA ,,,ISRAEL ,,the NATO ,,,all other allies of the ZIONISM ,,,,Why should innocent people suffer ??? Why have these devils make themselves the domineering power over the Arab and Muslim countries  ??? Who is to blame ? Again I repeat the same sentence which I have written in my previous articles : Why is the American soul VERY PRECIOUS ? Whereas all other souls are cheap?? Why do we other non- American nations have to suffer and pay for the malicious evil souls of the American government ? Why and a thousand whys? It is so strange that by now = the whole world have realized the dirtyplan of the Zionists , America and their allies yet no one can interfere  nor intervene ...It is so sad that we are living in a WILD WILD WEST ( America's DREAM ) of controlling the other weak countries whose riches and treasure are to be gained by the Zionists & America ,,where their own owners are suffering ... LOOK at Iraq ,,the rich country of oil = for 8 years now most of the Iraqis have been suffering from : unemployment, displacement , torture, insecurity, unsafe  life, migration, poverty ,  lack of daily necessary services , no electricity , no water , all sorts of sufferings ,,,millions have fled the country and still displaced here and there suffering from humiliation ,,,the RICHEST country of OIL ,,,DATES ,,natural resources ,,,the TREASURE is now in the hands of the USA ,,ISRAEL ,,the KURDISH minority and we the Arabs = the majority ,,the qualified experienced people are having difficulties making ends meet ... The former Ba'ath party members have got it all ,,,,during Saddam's regime they  have robbed everything ,,,now = they only changed the name of their party from Ba'ath to Da'awa or Sadr or I do not know  what other parties are now ,,,so they are now again in the government ,,,,ministers ...members of parliament and other very important high rank posts ,,, most of those have forged  degrees  PH.Ds ,, .,,,,  and we have spent most of our lifetime studying and working in honesty ,,,decency and loyalty are now kicked out of Iraq because we can NEVER be like chameleon which changes its colour according to the environment ,,, THANKS a lot AMERICA ,,ISRAEL,,NATO & ALL OTHER CRIMINALS who made AMERICA and ZION's dream come TRUE  

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