Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When SHALL America STOP ...OR Will it EVER Stop???

When Shall America Stop ,,,Or Will it EVER Stop ???

America's DUTY now is nothing BUT invade Arab countries ,,,KILL & SLAUGHTER innocent people in the name of LIBERATING ,,, WHY has America timed its dirty act NOW??? It is very clear ,,to BACK UP ISRAEL .... while the whole world will be busy talking about Libya ,,,Syria ,,,after the flame or shall I say the cry for Iraq's misery after the American invasion ,,,started to fade or at least the media is becoming a bit soft on America 's CRIME of invading Iraq especially when Wikileakes scandalous facts  were spread and other documentary videos were released  = the general media and the public became furious against the invasion ,,,,the CLEVER SMART DEVILISH GENIUS JEWISH MINDS start its work and here we are ,,,,nothing to distract the media but to be involved in occupying another Arab country or at least mess around and kill and slaughter ,,,, change the attraction towards another country NOT IRAQ ,,,Enough with Iraq & Saddam Husain ,,,enough with weapons of mass destruction ,,, enough with the dirty war which caused the souls of about two million innocent Iraqis besides we got our TARGET ,,,the WHOLE wealth is now in OUR pockets ===THE OIL ,,,, RESOURCES + A LIFE TIME INVESTMENTS ,,,,why not start again elsewhere ,,,, so first of all ,,,start a FLAME and then appear as a SAVIOUR and there si nothing more suitable than Libya where the leader is a dictator and most of the nation is under oppression and tyranny besides  it is also an OIL WELL ,,, thus America chose Libya ,,, as for Syria ..it is rather not so rich but it is quite a cover for Israel to be busy with = while Israel will get its hunt by turning to Ghza  so  this is the PERFECT ,,,PLAN at the PERFECT TIME ,,,,what a GENIUS BRAIN ,,,,I keep WONDERING till when SHALL the ARABS stay ASLEEP .... Isn't it TIME to WAKE UP ... When shall the ARABS have an AWAKENING .... however, as long as they are BUSY imitating America's got Talent ,,,Star Academy.. American Idol ,,Shall we Dance ,,, and all these TRIVIAL degrading scandalous programmes ,,,they will NEVER WAKE UP BUT IN HELL ,,,THANKS A LOT TO THE INTELLIGENT JEWISH BRAINS & TO THEIR PLANNING ,,,ORGANIZATION AND APPLICATION OF THE BEST WAY TO BRAIN WASHING THE ARABS ,,,,SPECIAL THANKS TO THE ARAB SLAVES -GOVERNMENTS ALL OVER THE ARAB WORLD & THEIR INTERESTS ...

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