Monday, May 02, 2011

A Victorious Day for the Whole World

 Today is THE day ,,,it is the day of victory of justice against malignancy , a day of jubilation , a day of happiness ,, the death of the most evil terrorist man in the world - Osama Bin Laden who has distorted the name of Islam and who had changed the name of the peaceful and most merciful religion into a name of terror and evil ,, this criminal and his followers have killed and slaughtered millions of people all over the world ,,, if it wasn't because of him and his terror - America would NOT have invaded Iraq ,,, nor has the world changed into a place of terror ,,, he & his followers has all the means to spread thier malignant ideas by brain washing simple ignorant youth and poisoning their brains to join their movement and he became an icon for Jihad ( which is NOT by any means the truth of what they were doing) ,,,all his crimes has nothing to do with Jihad ,,, he has misinterpreted teh Qur'an and thus he has attracted a large number of ignorant into his movement - the Salafis and Wahabis who have distorted Islam - the religion of PEACE & MERCY into a religion of terror ; thus he kept his crimes by the help and support of the Saudi Arabia in order to distract the west away from the real reason which is to aid Israel and USA in controlling the Arab world and keeping the Saudis in save and protected status ,,, what an evil plan ,,, now that the USA has killed Osama Bin Laden - what will the Saudis say???
I am sure now they will change their attitude ; however , they will surely say that they are happy on the other hand they will work silently and in secret to avenge his killing: how? By supporting his followers and helping them carry on their dirty crmes against humanity ,,,Anyway TODAY is the most important day in the world ,,, it is a HISTORICAL day wherein good overcomes bad; justice overcomes ,,righteous deeds against criminal malicious evil ..
THANKS TO THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH without WHOSE WORK ,,this act will not have been don e
Thanks to the American troops who helped in killing this outrageous devil
It is a day for the world to celebrate and it is a day of jubilation and joy
Let us hope that the WORLD will be more PEACEFUL

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