Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why is there So Much Ingratitude & Exploitation to Women ??

 Most women are caring and loving ; kind and compassionate; clear and frank ... this is why they have been exploited and abused by men ,,, throughout history men have been having the upper hands over women ,, though there are a few women who have proved their  clever ,,or cunning and sly behaviour by which they overruled even not men but countries ,, these are - exceptions - I am here writing about normal women  may be 70% of women have been good prey to the hunter ,,, Men always lie ,, use tricky  sly ways to attract women to them - they are very good role players ,,, they study the women 's characters.. then they start their act ,,, being good- hearted by nature most women would believe what the men say from the first meeting ,,, once the men realize that the women bought their fancy stories ,,, the rest is very simple ,,, after getting married the women should be very careful ,,, if the woman is honest ,, spontaneous ,, good ,,decent ... clear ,,she will be the victim ,, believing the man in this case will be her end ,, she will give him everything not realizing that he is exploiting her ,,,while he keeps telling her nice stories about love and trust = he is already dating another woman ,,, with her own money ,,,if she is naive she could end up penniless ,,,homeless ,,and even alone ,,, a woman should never trust a man who talks nicely ,,, there are men whose trade is WORDS ,,,, they speak so beautifully ,,, build dreams of castles and at the end if the woman has piles and piles of money and gold ,, she will end up poor ,,, he will take all she has and then leave her ,,, if the woman is hard working ,,, clever ,,, she should care for her health if she found herself in the hands of a wolf ,,, if she can run and end this sick relation , then she will be in a much better situation than that of the woman who stays under such men's control and trap ,,, after the man gets all his wife's property ,,, he leaves her thinking that he has won the round == not knowing that in the other world which is so soon he will go to hell ,,, he will rot in hell ,,, if he has faith in the Almighty Allah ,,, he should never rest because this is the Holy Law ,,, no one hurts another goes clean to his doomsday ,,, what he gets in this world will burn him  for ever ,,,be sure that Allah is just and the penalty will be so severe ..

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