Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Are Most of The Arabs Always in Trouble?

Why Are  Most of The Arabs  Always in Trouble ???
Most of the  Arabs are always in trouble because they never agree among themselves about any issue ,,, if you take a family ,, a community ,,, a  society ,,, then go bigger and bigger ,,, and study their relations among themselves ,,, between each of them ,, you will be amazed to see how many  do not get well with each other ,,, in fact they always differ ,,,, disagree and even quarrel with each other ,,,among themselves ,, you rarely find harmony among members of a family or a group ,, there is always envy and jealousy ,,, hypocrisy and disloyalty ,,, betrayal and selfishness ,, these characteristics and others make their work imperfect and even bad ,,, I have worked in muticultural ,,multinational communities ,, in foreign countries with foreign people  and with Arabs,,, it surprised me to see a big gap between the two kinds of officials ,,, this I think is the main reason why the Arabs never advance or progress ,,, because there is no honesty ,, decency ,,loyalty  in their work ,,, selfishness is the most prominent charecteristics of most of them ,,, there is a proverb :
You are ruled by someone who is very much similar to you
This is what I mean by saying we deserve to have bad leaders .. we are not good enough to have patriotic rulers ,,, we have not worked well enough to gain good governments ,,,

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