Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Next ???

What Next ???

I consider Julian Assange the first candle that lit the dark way towards the TRUTH ... after revealing the documents in which the corruption of the governments and leaders of the tyrants and oppressors all over the world, the fame starts blazing in Tunisia ,,,then Egypt and and now probably soon another nation will be following ;;;thus those under pressure nations 'cries and revolutions spread and they then take their rights and freedom ,,, HOWEVER, till now Egypt and Tunisia are still staggering of who to rule and this delay in making things right and taking actions might end in chaos and mess ,,, There is only one way to do things right ,,, to unite against oppressors and tyrants ,,, prepare in advance plans  to be achieved and reinforce all possible policies to control the situations well ,,, I think that chaotic situations result in another messy end and that is of no one's interests ,, people should try to go back to their normal duties ,, work and wait for the change in the administration and actions to come ,, Nothing can change on overnight ,,, TIME is the only factor now that those nations need ,,,of course they should make sure of the successors of their previous regimes  ,,rather than a  miraculous quick change ,, it is a matter of time now ,,, 
All I pray for is the safety  and security for the people ,,,Look at Iraq ,,it has been  more than 8 years since the American invasion and till this moment killing and slaughtering is taking place all over Iraq ,,,, Though there is a difference between an  invasion and  a revolution ,,,l dare say  that  they should be very careful ,,aware of the games of the USA and Israel at such times because those two  devilish warmongers will be waiting now for any crack to throw their poison ,,, 


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