Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is This The End of The Arab Tyrants ??

Is This The End of Arab Tyrants  ??

From what is happening in the last month till now ,,it seems that there  is as Arab nations awakening that give hope and place for a complete change in the political future for the Arab nations ,,, This is very promising  and hopeful ,,, however, unless these revolutions end in a REAL complete change in the political strategies and demolishing old corrupted systems that have been nesting for decades --- no change will happen ,,,or shall I say there will be no difference but in names ... so this  would be a great hope and assist  for Israel and the USA  to fill the gap and play the roles of saviours in case the countries stays in messy and chaotic situations ,,,just like what is happening now in Iraq ,, the Americans have been declaring their withdrawal  from Ira q,,,yet at the same time the violence ,,,killing,,, slaughtering ..insecurity ,,,chaos ,,, lack of services ,,, administrative corruption is still spreading throughout the whole country ( which in fact has been made by the USA itself  to ensure its stay ) ,,, so people start thinking and comparing the time and tyranny of Saddam Husain with his oppression and bad tyranny with this new situation wherein not a real change has been but only in names ,,, Iraqis have been so happy to get rid of Saddam Husain  whom they thought they WILL NEVER GET RID OF ,,,yet now many think that his time was better ,,,, All I want to say is ,,, It is better for those new regimes  to be quick in taking the right actions and made the right decisions to help their people start a new dignified free decent life .

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