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When Your Life Is Stolen 2

When Your Life Is Stolen 

When she joined college , all her goal was to be  a doctor  ,,,since she was small all her teachers told her that she would be a fine doctor because she was so intelligent and hard working ,,,,yet to her disappointment for the first time in her life , she did not get the marks which qualify her for College on Medicine in the capital ,,,her name was enrolled in the north of the country and as she was so young ,,,her father  refused to her go and he told her to change specialization ....because she loves languages ,,she chose English hoping to be a translator ... four years passed and she was so brilliant ,,,as usual the best and the first ,,,all other girls were interested in getting married and choosing partners except her ,,,however , with her name ,, beauty ,,,manners and intelligence so many suitors were around her BUT she never thought of getting married ,,, her elder sisters got married and her father kept urging her to accept one of those suitors who were very legible and in very good positions from fine families and would make excellent husbands ,,, her mother , on the other hand kept refusing saying that she is  still young ,,,so why hurry ,,,she still remember her father telling her once that sentence whose echo is still on her ear :
( Why do not you accept ,,,I want to see your children before I die , dear ??) 
She cried once and asked her father :
Please dad  , am I a burden ,,, why do you want me to get married ,, are you bored of me here?)
( No , dear ,,, this is the life ,,,you must have a family of your own ,,,I am not mortal you know ,,,neither is your mother ,,, we will both die and you will get old ,,,it is simply the nature of life !!) 
Not now ,,dad ,,please ,,
He would leave her but he wished she would accept ,,,
All those who proposed to her were handsome ,,,as a young girl she should be interested in looks ,,,but her mother has planted something in her head ,,,,and she always recalled her mother 's famous sentence :
( A black dog goes ,,,a white dog follows ,,,Why hurry ) 
Deep down in her mind and heart ,,she felt a kind of happiness that men are around her and she is refusing them ,,, some stayed more than a year ,,,they never give up ,,,anyway for her marriage was a cage with a slave ,,that is the wife ,,,this is the picture which her two elder sisters drew to her ,,,she never realized that they were happy in fact ,,living normal marriage life ,,having children ,, having security ,,,having normal life ,,,all she believed is their complaints ,,,she never questioned their credibility ,,,and she went on with her life ,,,she graduated with the degree of honor and she now she thought her dream will come true ,,,she wanted to be a translator ,,,,
To be continued 

Brutality of the Arabs

In Islam killing is prohibited and forbidden ,,,the Holy Qur'an  mentions this sentence addressing Israel's nation =
( He who kills a one person is as if he has killed all people ) other words it is not allowed to take a soul whatever happens ,,even if someone killed a close person of yours , you should leave him to the Almighty on judgment day wherein A;;ah ( God ) will be  responsible for giving each person his rights and punish those who hurt others ,,,,however as for those  tyrants and oppressors whether on individuals or nations levels  - their punishment is harder and more severe because the Almighty Allah ( God) is JUST so we are not allowed to take ant person's soul whatever he does ....
What Al-Qaida ,,,the so called Jihadists ,,the extremism ,,,all these sick movements ,,in fact have nothing to do with Islam ,,,religion or humanity ,,,they are in fact political movements undercover ,,,the Wahabis and Salafis  started this movements because they could not state that they are political therefore they claimed that they are Islamic movement in order to carry on their criminal work and they succeeded in Saudi Arabia which sponsored these movements  because  they want to fight the Shia sector ,,,the Saudis are Sunnis and they detest all Shia ...that is the only way out to fight the shia  and thus the USA also helped by nourishing and encouraging Al-Qaida ,,,,all this foul play was because the majority of Iran's population is Shia and as Iran is a threat to Israel then the USA has got the equation right by importing  the violence ,,,first by invading Iraq ... then spreading the infectious disease of killing ,,, violence ,,, enmity and hatred among the illiterates in the Arab world and this is what is happening now...

I NEVER LIKED Saddam Husain ,,,neither Mua'ammer Al-Qadhafi ,,,I wanted them to leave their posts ,,, to let the Iraqis ,, Libyans live in freedom ,,, democracy and decency ,,,no more oppression ,,no more tyranny ,,,no more brutality ,,,BUT I was shocked and honestly I wept when I saw the rope going around Saddam's neck the Eid eve ,,not because I loved the man ,,but because this is not prohibited in Islam ,,, Allah ( God) has given us all our souls and He is the only One who takes our souls ,,,besides it was Eid 's eve and that act was so inhumane , brutal and not right .... though I was unjustified by Saddam being an independent not a Bath party member ,,I was deprived of a;; my rights ,,,still I cried seeing that sight ...because he was a human being ....the same happens now = watching this brutal video took me back to the same moment though I did not like Mua'amer Al-Qadhafi and his policy = in short these two acts proof that the Arabs are barbarians ,,, savages and have criminal minds and souls ,,,It is really so disappointing and sad ,,,All I can say is that with such manners = I believe that the Arabs will NEVER have good future ,,,nor decent life... their destiny will never change as long as they behave in such manners ,,,I hope that I am not causing some people inconvenience especially those who are still acting in gentle manners ,, respect ,, principles and humanity ... Woe to the Arab nation from the coming days .. 

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شمال العراق --الى أين؟؟

شمال العراق --الى اين ؟؟

ان مما يفرح حقا هو  ما وصل اليه شمال العراق من تقدم وبناء وما تعمله حكومة كردستان شئ يبهج النفس ويسر الناظر  فكل من زار الشمال بعد غزو امريكا للعراق يصف المحافظات الشماليه بالتقدم والعمران السريع من بناء وتبليط الى انشاء اسواق ومنتزهات وعمارات وباختصار لقد ادى غزو امريكا الى بناء الشمال وخراب الوسط والجنوب والغرب من العراق 
 لقد قيل لي بعد الغزو انه من الصعوبه جدا الذهاب الى الشمال وانه ما لم تكن كرديا فلن يسمح لك بالدخول الا اذا كنت حاصل على اقامه او تزكيه من احد الاكراد في الشمال وسمعت وسمعت كم من العوائل والاشخاص قد اعيدوا الى بغداد ولم يتمكنوا من االدخول الى الشمال لا لشئ  الا لانهم عرب ولم يتمكنوا من الحصول على تزكيه من احد الاكراد في اربيل او السليمانيه وطبعا ظل هذه السؤال يؤرقني وكنت اعتقد انه ضرب من الخيال حتى ليله امس حين زارتني احدي جاراتي وهي استاذه جامعيه وحكت لي كيف انها وعائلتها لاقت الاهانات والتاخير من قبل نقاط التفتيش وكيف لم يسمحوا لهم بالدخول لعدم حصولهم على الاقامه - نعم  الاقامه لا تستغربوا  ؟؟؟ وكاننا في بلد اجنبي -- تقول السيده صاحبتي انه كان عليهم ان يتوقفون في كل نقطه تفتيش ويجري معهم التحقيق وكانهم مجرمون وليس زائرون والادهى من هذا كله المعامله السيئه من قبل شرطه نقاط التفتيش وضياع الوقت كله والتاخير لا لشئ الا لانهم ليسوا اكراد - وهنا اسال 
ان كان العربي يعامل هكذا وهو في بلده فكيف اذن ممكن ان نتوقع معاملته ان زار دوله  
 اخرى سواء عربيه او اجنبيه ؟؟؟ 
 اذكر اني حينما كنت في انكلتره كنت اسافر الى ايرلندا واسكتلندا دون صعوبه ولم تكن بي حاجه حتى لاستخراج جواز او اقامه 
 لا ادري بعد كل هذا كيف يمكن لنا نحن العراقيون ان نفكر ان كان الوطن الواحد قد اصبح عدة اوطان 
الشمال الان يرفل بنعيم العراق وخيراته بسبب عائدات النفط العراقي الذي احتكرته حكومه الاكراد وتتصرف كيفما يحلو لها فالحكومه في بغداد عاجزه عن تطبيق القوانين والاسرائيلين واليهود يعشعشوا هناك كالطيور النازحه واصبحوا يبتاعون الاراضي والبيوت ويؤسسون الشركات والعلم الاسرائيلي يرفرف عاليا مع العلم الكردي ولا احد مطلقا له اي كلمه في ذلك وان كان هناك مآسي وعذاب فهي للعرب والتركمان الذين يشكلون ثلاثه ارباع من سكان العراق وما دمنا لا نقوى على قول كلمه الحق فسوف يستمر الظلم والعذاب والقتل والمآسي التي حلت وتحل بارض الكنانه ما دام هناك خونه يتعاونون مع اسرائيل وما دامت حكومه بغداد غير قادره على ردعهم 
للمزيد من معرفه الاسرار التي كانت ولا تزال بين الاكراد والاسرائيلين الرجاء البحث في الانترنت عن معاهدات صهيون مع الاكراد منذ اكثر من نصف قرن وسوف تذهلكم النتائج الا ان الحقيقه سوف تظهر جليه للاعيان كما ان وثائق ويكيليكس قد نشرت العديد من تلك المعاهدات السريه والاتفاقيات بين الاكراد والاسرائيليين 
 اتمنى ان لا ياتي اليوم الذي نصبح فيه اشلاء مشتته على يد الاسرائيلين وباتفاقهم مع اخواننا الاكرد الوطنيين  جدا والمحبين لبلدهم الواحد - العراق- عفوا ... بلدهم الاصلي ( كردستان وللاكراد فقط ) ؟؟؟؟

The North of Iraq ( Kurdistan) Where To Next???

The North of Iraq -- Kurdistan--Where To Next ???

The north of Iraq where the Kurd ,, Turk men and some Arabs live has become a new country called Kurdistan after the invasion of the USA to Iraq ... it is so strange that ever since the invasion no Arab Iraqi is allowed to enter the north unless they have a residency or a certificate issued by the Kurdish authority and an approval of the Kurdish region otherwise they will be stopped and are obliged to go back to where they come from ..... is NOT that outrageous ??? of course , I thought that was some sort of exaggeration until yesterday when  a friend of mine - a university professor visited me ,,, she told me how humiliated she and her family were at each check point and how they held them there until she called a Kurdish person whom they know and after talking to the police guards for quite some time each time they reach a new check point then they were allowed to pass through.... she said that they were delayed  for hours due to this procedure ,,, she told me how Arbeel has turned into a very beautiful city with modern buildings , hotels , malls and best places for entertainments , parks , funfairs and then she added that the instruction there is going on in every inch in the city ...this is very nice and worth hearing ,,
What saddens her is the hostile  treatment of the Kurdish people to them ,,she said we felt as if we are in another country ...a foreign hostile country  ,,,
Actually , I have heard this eight years ago about the bad treatment  of the Arabs by the Kurd yet I did not believe that it will go on ,,,alas things have gone worse now ,,,
My question is this =
Is the north not any more a part of Iraq?
Has the USA invaded Iraq in order to give the Kurdish people their sovereignty BUT  to oppress the Arabs ???
Was it part of the plot to do this because  as every one knows that the Kurdish people were planning to get their own self - governing independence ever since Saddam Husain was in power?? This is OK as long as they respect the Arabs and treat them with more dignity ... not humiliation and contempt ....
BUT it is so crystal clear the plan of Israel and its slave the USA has succeeded in doing so not for the sake of the Kurdish people BUT for their own sake as long as they are getting the oil despite the violation of the Iraqi treaty ,,,because the government in Baghdad has no control on the north anymore ,,,,
For more information to see the agreement between Israel and the Kurdish government , you can simply search the web and you will be astounded to see that more than half a century Israel has promised the Kurdish people their independence on condition that they give the Iraqi oil to them and here we are now ....
A large number of Israelis are buying lands , houses , and settling in the north ,, many Israeli companies are now flourishing their business up north and of course their flag is flying with arrogance there ...
What a pity   Arab  and Turkmen  Iraqis  have been slaughtered and  are being slaughtered every day ,,, whereas others are taking advantage of this ,,,,and helping in this new plot ,,,new oppression ,, new suffering 
So Where will the north of Iraq be ,,,,,What next???

Friday, September 23, 2011



Words are small forms uttered in isolation or content to express ideas ,, thoughts ,,, feelings ,,, to communicate with others ,,, humans are the only living beings who can speak and get this gift of using words to express themselves ,,,, however , most people MISUSE this gift by uttering words that hurt other people's  feelings ,,, they say 
a wound heals but a bad word stays in the heart
 and can never be forgotten ,,, how easy it is to utter a word ,,, how difficult it is to receive an insult from a close person especially if you have been so good  to them ,,,I think that some people are mean in their nature and they do not care about others' feeling ...if every person thinks about the others in the same way he thinks of himself  ,,, he would be more considerate and less harsh ,,, no one wants to be insulted or hear bad words  of any kind whatsoever ,,, if you have been good and kind , loving and caring , gentle and polite to all those whom you know or even do not know =  it will be very painful to get bad and mean words ,,,accusations or slander ,,,why does a person make such a thing ???
especially if he knows about the nature of the recipient ,,, such behavior is unforgivable and  unaccepted ,,, hurting people's feeling is so bad and once you utter a bad word ,, you can never go back ,,, there is no remedy because whatever sorry you might be later on ,,it will never heal the deep wound into the other person's heart and feelings,,
WORDS ,, ٍSPEECH SENSE is the best blessing and bliss granted to us by the Almighty Allah and we should realize how this gift can turn into a curse if we do not use it correctly

Oh God Help Me to Keep My Mouth Shut 
Until I Know What am I Talking About 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Human Rights ,,,,Where To ??

Human rights ...Where To ...???

In the past , vocabulary such as suffering ,, oppression ,,injustice  ,,abuse  were used so rarely - probably when America was treating the black race  with brutality ,,,using them as slaves ,,, in  other continents the feudal system was   unjust to the farmers ,so were few other systems ,, but as concerns nations ,, peoples ,, on individual level  suffering ,, oppression and injustice were rare words  - life was simple .. human relations were clear ,, fine ,,, honesty and credibility shed each family ,, truth ,, frankness ,, real love covers such relations ,,, if you  survey the literature  , you will find that when individuals violate others' rights ,,,it becomes like a scandal in the mouth of every single person and hence is the difference between the past and present ,,, nowadays  all over the world people's rights are violated every minute whether by the systems of their own governments or by their own societies and even their closest , nearest and dearest ones ... 
Therefore there is an organization for Human Rights  because  the number of those who are abused is increasing every day ,,, men abuse women and children ,, husbands abuse wives ,, brothers abuse sisters ,, parents abuse children ,, bosses abuse employers and so on ,,, 
Why Does any one abuse another person ?? 
there are many reasons most of which are  psychological ,,environmental and social ,,, yet I believe that it  is  mostly personal , mental and because of  lost souls due to the lack of faith and confidence ,,,
What makes a person an abuser ? Is it his lack of  confidence ?? evil mentality??ill manners?? bad bringing ?? or what ?? 
Most cases of personal abuse and injustice have shown all the previous factors ,,,
Finally where do this lead to ,,, Will this ill phenomenon have an end at present ?? 
It is a pity to say that in the present time things are deteriorating concerning this  problem because on the personal  as well as  the public level ,  it  is increasing ; moreover , with greed of the government everywhere - human rights are shrinking more and more ,, 
Prayers for the lost souls to find their way to guidance so that peace and serenity cover our life instead of abuse and oppression ...



What is failure ??? 
In our life we have events ,,, experience ,,,jobs ,,,we have families ,, acquaintances,, friends ,, colleagues ,, we meet strangers ,,, we are introduced to new subjects ,,, life is always full of new as well as old issues ,,, when we  get satisfaction of what is presented to us - we say  this is success ; however , when we could not get that satisfaction or agreement  - then it is failure  , yet if we think about the consequences afterwards - we realize that what was a failure in one subject  has turned out into a success in another matter ,, subject or issue =Thomas Edison  has tried a thousand times to invent his great invention ( the electricity) so the consequence or result from his previous attempts - which are called failure, brought the greatest invention to humanity till this moment ,,, he brought light to our dark nights ,,then , can we say that Thomas Edison is a man of failure ,,, definitely not ,,,this , applies to professional as well as personal experience ,, life can not be only gains ,, there are losses as well as gains in everything ,,, but we  do not really see what is behind the scene ,,, if you lose your job , you can get a better  one even if after a long period ,, if you lose a friend , he might not be the right one for you ,, if you lose a partner , he could be causing you pain ,,, there is always a bright day after a gloomy day ,,, a  sun light after a dark night ,,,this is life ..winning is not everything ,,,failure is  not a good word to be used in our life ,,, let us change it into attempt ...

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الطير يرقص مذبوحا من الألم

الطير يرقص مذبوحا من الألم 

هل شاهدت يوما طيرا على وشك الموت بسبب اصابة في جناحه او ساقه او جسمه؟؟؟ هل نظرت جيدا اليه وهو يرفرف بحركات سريعه تاره وبطيئه تارة اخرى وكانه يرقص ؟؟ هل يا ترى تعلم بمدى الالام التي يعانيها والعذاب التي يملء قلبه وروحه المتعبة ؟؟ لا احد يعلم بما في داخل روح اي مخلوق... طيرا كان ام حيوان أم انسان ...جميعنا يرى المنظر الخارجي لكل المخلوقات ولكل الاشياء ولا احد ابدا يعلم بما في داخلنا ... احيانا كثيره تحسد بعض الناس لانهم دائما يظهرون بوجوه صبوحه مبتسمه وعيون ضاحكه وفي مجالسهم تقضي اجمل الاوقات فتراهم يمرحون ويضحكون ويمتعون المجالس بقصصههم الطريفه والكل يغبطهم لانهم ينشرون السعاده حولهم ولا احد يعلم انهم ربما يعيشوا حياة مليئه بالعذاب والالام ولكن نفوسهم صافيه وارواحهم جميله لا يريدون ان يعكسوا تعاستهم على الاخرين .. في حين ترى اناس اخرون يعكسون وجوها اخرى مليئه بالغضب والقهر ولا تحب مجلسهم فكلما تكلموا تسمع الانين والشكوى ويقلبون مجالسهم الى حزن وكآبه ..ولكنهم في الواقع اناس يعيشون حياة عادية جدا بل ربما هم اكثر حظا من غيرهم  الا ان عدم الرضا والقناعه حولت نفسياتهم الى ارواح ضائعه وبذلك اصبحوا يعكسون سلبياتهم على الاخرين ؟؟ وهنا تكمن الحقيقه الناصعه وهي ان الروح والنفس الصافيه المليئه بالرضا والقناعة تعكس الحب والراحه والبهجه في حين تعكس الروح الضائعة والمتعبه عدم الرضا والشكوى والكآبه وتجعل شخصيه ومجلس صاحبها غير مرغوبه وغير محبويه 
ايهما افضل ان نعكس الفرح والرضا والسعاده ام الشكوى والانين والكآبه ... لا شك ان الايجابيه والتفاؤل اساس  الصحه النفسيه وبالتالي اساس الراحه وصفاء النفس والمرح والسعاده 
يقول المثل الياباني : بدل ان تلعن الظلام ... اشعل شمعه 
لتكن حياتنا كلها شموع 
لتكن نفوسنا مليئه بالتفاؤل 
لتكن ارواحنا مفعمه بالسلام 

Monday, September 19, 2011

When your life is Stolen !

As far as she is concerned happiness is measured not by time but by events,,,when she was a small girl - her passion for reading and drawing was beyond everything ,,,her best enjoyment was when she indulged herself in the heroes ,, heroins and events in each story ,, poem ,,, novel or even a picture she would see ,,, of course only the good ,, beautiful ,,sensational ones ,,, so by years she developed  a love for art ,, and nature ,,, she would stay hours reading a novel forgetting her lunch  or dinner ,,at times , her father- who was her friend  ,,  would object about her taking her novel in her tiny soft   hand reading while the spoon hang in her  other  hand ,,, ,
How many times I tell you  leave your books when we are at the table dear  little one you hear me ,, the book will not escape can read later,,,,
Yes , father ,, only this paragraph ,,please 
It is not good for your health ,,, your food will not be digested in this way ,,, the brain will not be able to give 
instruction to the stomach while you are busy reading  ??
She would smile at him and carry on her reading ,,, 
At times , her father would take the book gently from her and force her to eat ,,,
She was obsessed ,, haunted by literature ,,, beautiful things fascinate her till now ,,, She would spend a long time sitting in the garden watching the flowers ,, small leaves of trees falling at the grass  ,, or even just looking at the stream of water ,,, drops of rain ,,, hail ,,, heavy rain for her was not a blessing as the farmers say ,,,but a magic ... a picture of beauty ,,, a sacred natural phenomenon ....she was such a sensational child ,,, she would spend hours painting a picture ,,, sewing a dress ,,, working on embroidery ...crochet ,,knitting ,,,or,,,dreaming  of her future ,,, at times she would see herself as a princess ,,, she would look at herself in the mirror when she hears the nice compliments about her beautiful lustrous chestnut hair and wide brown  eyes  ,, angelic lovely innocent beauty ,with her baby face and small figure ,, but it never occurred to her that she was  like other girls who would grow up to marry and have a family ,,, she thought that she was may be a character of Emily Bronte or Charlotte Bronte ,,, may be one of the characters of Shakespere' s sonnets ,,,  la belle dame sans mercy ,,,  the dark lady ,,any beautiful sensational girl in fiction ,,,,
 Keats ,, Shelly ,,Byron ,, Wordsworth  and many have affected her inner soul ,,, when she joined college 
To be continued   

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Strangers in Our Own Home

Strangers in Our Own Families 

Ever since God created Adam and eve , then their offsprings - human nature showed enmity ,, hatred ,,, envy and jealousy among the closest ,, nearest and dearest ones Cain , out of jealousy slew  Abel =
Here is an extract from Wikipedia about their story 

Cain and Abel (Arabic: هابيل ,قابيل , Qabil and Habil) are believed by Muslims to have been the first two sons of Adam and Eve, although they are not mentioned by their names in the Quran. The story in the Qur'an[1] is virtually the same as the Hebrew Bible narrative, saying that both the brothers were asked to offer up individual sacrifices to God. God accepted Abel's sacrifice because of Abel's righteousness and Cain, out of jealousy, slew Abel. This was the first ever sin committed upon Earth but Abel was chronicled in history as one of the first believers and as the first ever martyr. Although Islam does not traditionally view Abel as a prophet, some scholars speak of him as a prophet like his father[2].

Whatever this historic real story tells us ,,,it is definitely brutal and inhuman ,,,though these two were of a divine sacred origin ,,, Nowadays , people have become more brutal ,,, selfish ,,,envious and full of malicious spirit and mean souls due to the estrangement and going away from religion ,,,morals and principles : therefore , we can see so many broken houses ,,,shattered families ,,, ill - relationships ,,lack of real true love and I can say no credibility among members of  a one  single family ... parents , siblings , spouses , children ,, sons and daughters =all these are apart and having difficulties understanding each other ,, being true ,,sincere and loving to each other ... 
The question arises here : 
Whose mistake is this??? 
Is it the parents? ,,the society?,, the school?,, the media? ,,the circumstances? ...or which factor or factors cause this ugly unhealthy universal sick phenomenon????
My guess is ...mostly the SOUL ... the inner self ,,, of course all the above - mentioned factors do affect these  sick relations ...yet , there are many individuals who can control their own souls and this is because they have FAITH and confidence ,,,both in the Almighty Allah and in themselves ,,,
Teaching ourselves to be loving , caring ,, good to others is not so difficult -  once you learn how to be true to your creator ,, to yourself and thus to others ,,,BUT it might be difficult for those who practice malice and meanness all their life ..
The soul is the mirror of each and every person ..
Prayers for all LOST SOULS
May we all live in PEACE,,LOVE ,,UNDERSTANDING ,,,CARING ,,,GIVING ,,KINDNESS and help each other in this brutal savage life 

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Old Beautiful Iraq 2

Whenever I remember life in Baghdad in the past ,,, I cry ,,, literally cry ,,, my heart aches  ... we used to be living in such a peaceful beautiful way that we rarely had any misery ,,grief or sadness ,,, we used to grieve only when we had a death in a family ,,, that was not so often of course- we only were sad to lose a dear person ,,, now every day we are sad ,,, in each house now there is a funeral ... every house has turned into a graveyard ,,, all I can remember during my whole life is the funeral of my father when I was young then my mother ,,, which took about 20 years between each death ,,,,  ,,,????
Do  you know how is it like now  ,,,now we grieve all the time because of the USA invasion ,, its consequences and outcomes ,,,,terror and violence have become the characteristics of our life in new Iraq .. 
We used to have almost everything ,,, we were blessed and bliss  by our beautiful happy  safe secured country and life ,,, I remember how we had beautiful family , friends and acquaintance gathering so often ,,, how happy we were spending nice times and enjoying ourselves ,,,we used to have large gardens in our houses ,,, we spent hours there having parties ,grilling fish -the famous Iraqi fish dish  masgoof ,which we make by putting a fire - like a barbecue  then  we serve it  ,,,eat with laughter ,,,joy and happiness ,, then we have fruits ,,,and other kinds of refreshments the parents and old people stayed chatting and playing the backgammon ,,, dice or cards while watching the TV or listening to the radio whereas , the children play around with their toys or chatting so fondly with each other ,,,we had such beautiful warm time  whether each family by its own or with others ,,, we used to  breath fresh  air ,,,breeze full of flower scents and the beauty of natural scenes made us  healthier and more optimistic ,,,there was  a lot of  pure air with oxygen unlike nowadays  where the air has become full of carbon dioxide from the electrical generators inside the gardens or from  the big public  ones where you can see two or three generators in  one road ,,so the air has become very polluted and poisonous   ,,
We all know that NATURE is a cure and remedy from many diseases ,,,,,, people were more healthy because they lived a simpler  life full of healthy atmosphere ,,, no lack of water nor of any other daily services and requirements ,,, each family could afford to buy new clothes each festival or Eid ,,, new year or special occasions such as birthdays   graduations or invitations to parties ,,, we used to have new clothes from top to toe at the beginning of each school year ,,, we NEVER had CARE or problems ,,,in each house there was one or two  TV sets ,,, A video set ,, few radios,,, transistors ,,, and many tape  recorders ,,, people were interested in reading ,,, almost in each house there was a  library which varies in the size and number of books , journals   ,, references ,,, magazines and newspapers ... I remember when I was very small ,, ,pre-school  age  - my father taught me letters , numbers ,, alphabets in English and Arabic  ,,,time- table in mathematics ,many greeting sentences in English ,, parents dedicated more time to their children than  they do now  .... 
Life in Iraq was so beautiful and peaceful..... 

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Negative Attitude

Negative Attitude 

Nowadays most people have become so selfish and they are adopting negative attitudes towards almost everything and every one  including family  attachments and relations;  thus you can see their hearts have become hollow ,,,they rarely help each others ,,,ask about each others ,,, twenty years ago I have seen this phenomenon in England when I was studying for my postgraduate studies ,,, I was so surprised when one of my professors Mr. Jimmy Smith invited us to his house for tea one day ,,, I saw that the fence of the garden was a three meters height ,,I asked him why was it so high ,,,his answer was  so strange , he told me that he does not want to see his neighbor and that he was not  been talking to him for forty years ,,,, then he added :
I have to go through another branch way to park my car in order not to see him 
I was so surprised ,,, staying long  years   in England and knowing the English culture , I have realized then that most Europeans not only English  nations do not have attachments for their family members ,,, it took a son / daughter / brother / sister ... mother / father  one complete year to send a New Year & Christmas card to their parents /siblings /sons / daughters .... I was so surprised at that time to see such cold,,, rigid ,,stiff feelings ,,or at least that was what I thought , I kept telling them how warm we , the people in the east are ,,, I told them how attached to each others we are  ,,, how strong bonds we have ,,,, I was so proud of our strong deep love and family relations ,,,
It was only a few years ago when suddenly I , myself , realized how negative attitudes my own family members have to me ,,, I was and still am so loving ,,,caring and kind to each and every one of them ,,, I was always there for them and their children ,,,, BUT alas ,,, where are they ???
They abandoned me ,,, because I am no more a giver ,,, the chicken of gold eggs stopped laying eggs ,,, so every one escaped from her ,,,, that is  me ,,, because I am not  any more able to give  due to my recent circumstances ,,,every one left me ,,,no one asks where am I ,,,how am I ,,,whether I needed anything ,,whether I am dead or alive ,, It is really a very painful feeling when you find yourself rejected ,,, abandoned and neglected ,,,when you were such a generous giver ,,, a loving caring person and then you see those whom you spent a lifetime helping and giving ,,,caring and taking care of, treating you with such negative attitude and ungratefulness,,, ingratitude and  negligence ,,,I now think of my English professor Mr. Smith and I realize why had he built such a high wall to avoid seeing his neighbor ,,,BUT can I do this ,,, NEVER ,,, despite all this bad treatment and ungratefulness , you find me still asking about each and every one of them ,,,,I do it for God ,,, for myself and for whom am I ,,,,I can NEVER have negative attitude whatever happens  ,,,I just can not and I do not want to ,,,after all- life is too short to do bad ,,,negative deeds ,,,

Old Beautiful Iraq

Old Beautiful Iraq - 1

Fifty years  ago , Iraq was a peaceful secured safe country wherein people used to live happily ... they were so content with their life ,, there were three classes : the rich , the middle class and the poor .... yet there was love, help , kindness and understanding among all these classes ,,, no one starved ,,, no one was in danger ,,, life was going on so smoothly that you can never hear of any conflict ...whether political , social ,,religious ,, or of any other sort ... 
In the beginning of this century , education was mostly for men ,,then women started going to schools and colleges ,, there were women doctors , engineers ,, scientists ,poets,, nurses,,, teachers , lawyers and artists ,, women shared men at work ,, in 1920 life became more advanced for women and thus they started asking for their rights ,,,Women were obliged to marry the men whom their families selected and no one could refuse but gradually  things changed and they were able to accept or refuse ,,,they were also allowed to see the suitor before their families gave their answer to the suitor's family ,,,
Life was not complicated  during the Monarchy ... people loved the King and governments ,,, there were very few oppositions but those were not even ready to say that in public ,,, 
The majority of the people were the middle class who lived quite well ,,,their children went to schools ,, the breadwinners - the fathers were either government officials , freelancers or businessmen ...
Houses were larger ,,,all houses had gardens and they were much cheaper to buy or rent .
People used to sleep on the roofs in summer because the air was  cool , fresh and it was  healthier than indoors ,,, summer was much cooler than now ,,,winter was cold and sometimes it froze ,degrees reached minus zero so most water - meters were broken due to the cold weather ,frost and snow covered the cars , grass and whatever was left in the open outside the houses ,,even the  glass of windows ,, it used to rain a lot ...  
Families were very  attached to each other ,,, when sons got married they used to live with their own parents if their house was large ,, so you could see three generations in the same house living happily with compassion , kindness, help and great love ...
In the afternoons  most families used to go out to public entertainment places , cinemas , theaters , parks or for drives ,,, in the holidays they  used to travel or go for picnics ,,, most newly - wed couples spent their honeymoon in Lebanon ....
Most middle class families had cars ,,, young boys had bicycles ,,,there were buses running in the cities ,, taxis and  small coaches ,,,in addition to private cars so transportation was comfortable and there was no problem to any one ,,,there were trains from Baghdad to Basrah and Musil ,,,fares were cheap so every one could afford travelling in any means they preferred ... 

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