Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Don't We Admit It ????

Why Don't We Admit It

Why do not we admit it....the USA ,,,the superpower, ,,supercollider ...the warmonger ...the ONLY POWER is ruling the whole world ..whether its economy  is deteriorating ,,,whether its nation is demolished ,,,whether its sources vanish ,,,AMERICA & Israel were ....are and SHALL  always be ruling the  world ,,,this is a fact ,,,crystal clear ,,,no way will America leave its great  powerful force to rule & dominate ,,,no way ,,as long as Israel exists ,,then BOTH warmongers go side by side to destroy  this poor glob ,,,,

No one knows how would I like to thank Mr. Robert Naiman ...as an Iraqi who have been through the 8  deadly bloody incredible years of killing and slaughtering of innocent people of my own country for no reason !!! I have been writing articles,, ,,asking the whole world the same question :
What have we ( Iraqis) done to deserve this life ?????  What have poor Afghans  ... Palestinians ...other miserable nations done ,,,to deserve the on going pain & struggle ,,,after they have been living in peace for years ,,,No one can answer my question ....The rotten veil has been uncover ,,,THE TRUTH is revealed ,,,yet no one can ever say the truth ,,,that the American has invaded this country not to liberate it BUT TO STEAL IT
Sorry BUT this is the TRUTH that everyone knows YET is afraid to say
 NO ONE can speak out loud ....WHY?

If I  kill an ant , I keep thinking how cruel of me to do so ,,,,I wonder how would cruel leaders , presidents,, kings,,,  and all  those in power think when they hurt  millions of people ,,,nations who are under tyranny and oppression  …how do they sleep knowing that  million human beings are living in misery …

All we have to do is PRAY for a MIRACLE …
I , myself, believe in miracles ,,,
so I hope there will be a miracle to save the world …

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