Monday, July 12, 2010

I Wonder Who Are They Fooling ?

I Wonder Who Are They Fooling ?

I wonder who are they FOOLING …I always WONDER why would anyone do something he/she does not believe in….I call this DUALITY ,,,INFERIORITY …. If a woman ,,,of any religion wants to commit herself to her religious principles then she should abide by the rules and do whatever it takes to fulfill her commitments ,,,therefore Muslim women who really believe in Allah’s words which are clearly stated in the Holy Qur’an and which state that women believers who really want to be considered as real Muslims should cover their bodies by dressing long decent dresses and should not show their beauty to strangers , should not tempt or seduce men by showing their bodies or beautifying themselves in front of strange men …now what is happening nowadays all over the Arab countries and THANKS to WOMEN of Jordan, Egypt, Syria and the Gulf ,,,women wear tight stylish trousers, tight T shirts or transparent dresses , tempting clothes ,,,,not only that but all of them wear very full make up which make even the ugly women look beautiful or sometimes look like jugglers when wearing too much make or doing it improperly … putting on so many accessories and ornaments ,,in short these women make everything to attract the attention ,,, FINALLY they cover their heads or hair with transparent squinted scarves or turbans with many frills and lace in many colours …it is so odd ,,,funny and even not elegant ,,,I prefer a woman with no scarf and reasonable make up ,,,stylish clothes on one who make herself a joke ,,,that I call hypocrisy … of course I am not a clergy or a religious authority ,, nor am I a legislative side ,,,I am just a woman who has read the Qur’an ,,comprehend its meaning clearly without any wrong interpretation ( as those whose mother tongue is not not Arabic and who been converted to Islam but have copied the extremists sand fanatics such as the salafis & wahabis who have deviated everything in Islam ,,,,the way they deviated the meaning of the Qur’an thus they permit killing in the name of Jihad which is not at all right, so they turned Islam into a religion of TERROR to fulfill their criminal deeds and ill minds )

I would like to reveal the truth about this fact to clarify the origin of decent clothes and honest decent manners.

In Judaism ,,in the Old Testament , Moses says if a man looks a woman and he desires her ,,,then he should take off that eye which caused him to have a sin … Christianity ,in the Bible ,,,Jesus says if a man looks at a woman and he desires her then both are adulterers ,,they also have a sin …now if you come to Islam ,,,the Qur’an , which is the words of Allah ( God) says do not look deeply ,,,

These three example show that Islam is the least prejudiced and the most flexible religion … ,,,if you look into historical books ,,old religious books , you will find the truth which has been buried under the name of civilization ,,,westernization ,, fashion ,,,style ,,and whatever name you like to call it.

Mother Mary , Jesus ‘mother , wore long decent clothes and covered her hair ,,,Moses ’s wife ,,,all women in the old time ,,even before Moses or Jesus ,,,and after that all women covered their hair and wore long wide decent dresses in order not to attract men ,,,even nowadays Jewish women ,,,Christian women cover their hair when they go to temples and churches ,,,this is done out of respect to the holy places , and how about the nuns ,,,,,so why all this big fuss about covering the hair of Muslim women

BUT the problem with all of us is that we always follows others without knowing the reality …we listen ,,,imitate ,,and always blame others ,,, very few people try to know the truth about anything and everything ,…this is because designers are eager to be famous so they have to design new fashion ,,,each year thousands of designers all over the whole world appear with new ideas and most alluring designs to tempt women ,,,, The fact is most women wear what is so called fashionable without realizing that what is suitable for one woman may not be suitable for another ,,,taking into consideration each woman’s height ,,,weight,, skin colour ,,,so there are criteria ,,,some women have long legs ,,others have short legs ,,,some are fat ,,others are thin,,, etc ,,, therefore , an elegant woman is one who wears what suits her and she can still be stylish ,,,fashionable ,,elegant ,,and decent …

Most designers are men and to be famous they have chosen to design for women because most women have the tendency to follow blindly without thinking … why do not the designers change much in the lines of men’s wear ?????

Because men do not want to be criticized if they have put on something can be criticized !!! or too much different ,,, I read an article of an interview with Christian Dior one day in a fashion magazine ,,,they asked him a question about the perm ( hair style ) which was the fashion at the late seventies and women became crazy about it ,,, His answer was :

ONLY a foolish woman runs after any fashion whatever it is ,,,an elegant and beautiful woman is the woman who knows what is suitable for her whether her hair ,,her clothes or her make up ….This is the statement of Christian Dior …not me ,,,but what to do with most of us ,,,,women !!!!!

Another point , I would like to mention here is what is so called niqab ,,,covering the face ,,,and also the hands ,,, this has nothing to do with Islam ,,there is no mention of covering the face or hands in the Qur’an at all ,,,the face is the identity of each person and covering the face means disguise so the person who started this action has nothing of Islamic principles ,,,he definitely has done in order to hide something wrong ,,,therefore it is in Islam called heretics and all heretical acts are delusive and deceptive deeds …

Finally , I hope that one day all extremists and fanatics in all fields come back to their senses and live and let others live peacefully so we can regain our normal life all over the world .

Prayers for a better world with more peace & no wars ,,,with more good people and no terrorists …

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