Thursday, July 01, 2010

Iraq : The Hidden War

Iraq : The Hidden War

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Iraq: The Hidden Story shows the footage used by TV news broadcasts, and compares it with the devastatingly powerful uncensored footage of the aftermath of the carnage that is becoming a part of the fabric of life in Iraq.


No matter who you are ,,,
An American ,,,African ,,Asian ,,,European ..English ,,, whatever nationality you carry ,,,whatever doctrine ,,,religion ,,,political views you believe in ,,, IF YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING ,,,,even an animal ,,,,would not , at all, agree to see these brutal pictures of KILLING
If I say , as an Iraqi ,,or shall I say as a human being ,,,, bettill,,, no real human can tolerate what we Iraqis are suffering from ever since the so called American liberation ,,,,which they – the Americans has called to justify their brutality and savage crimes in Iraq and to give themselves the right to stay here in order to steal the country’s wealth ,,,,if any person sees this video and others ,,,what would they say ,,,if the victims here were American ,,,Israelis ,,, of any other nationalities …the whole world would have turned upside down ,,,I have written previously in may article s& in my blog ( that I have never been a member of the Baath party ..or of any other party …neither have I liked Saddam Husain ,,,BUT ,,,honestly I wish we were still under his dictatorship ,,his oppression ..his rule short there was not much bloodshed ,,,killing ,,,kidnapping ,,,,chaos, terror ,,, ,,insecurity, ,,unemployment ,,,horror ,,destruction .. corruption ,,,life loss ,,, whatever bad connotation you can think of ,,, the American administration has appointed all its malicious figures to turn Iraq into an inferno ,,, to make the Iraqi people live in hell ,,it has been 8 years now since the bloody invasion ,,,what have we , Iraqis, gain ,,,????????

PLEASE do look carefully at the horrifying pictures in this video …would you like to be in the shoes of any of these victims ,,,,whether dead ( with bodies torn to pieces ….or alive with a lost leg ,,or hand ,,or eye…. Or even mind ????)

Why did Bush ,,,Obama ,,,all other American decision makers & takers think they can rule the world and do whatever they like JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE AMERICAN?????,

You all know that Obama has allocated 30 billion US Dollars from the American budget for the Israeli military purposes …I .e for the weapons of mass destruction ,,,SO this NEW PUPPET is no better that ITS previous evil ones ,,,

Suppose an American soldier has been wounded in Iraq ,,,,what would have happened …OH MY GOD ,,,the whole world would have nothing else to say or to write about but that poor American victims ,,, though you all know that America invaded our country ,,,we NEVER asked America to come over ,,,

We were better off with our dictator than now ,,,
We could have stayed under his rule ,,,what have we got now :::: democracy ????????freedom ?????better life??? We got more killing ,,,,more misery ,,,more deaths ,, ..

If there is humanity in the world ..

If there is justice....

If there is decency ..

If there is honour …
One should have cried out loud ,,,stated that what is happening in Iraq is outrageous ,,savage ,,,BUT each and every one is looking for his interests & welfare .Who brought Al-Qaida & terror to Iraq ,,,It is America ,,,

We , Iraqis were living in PEACE …what happened for some people during Saddam ‘s regime was for those who were trying to overthrow him and that definitely happens elsewhere ,,,as for other people who mind their business ,,,who do not have political problems or make riot …no one would lay a finger on them ,,,

All I ask from you is to be just ,,,to be human ,,watch this movie and think for a minute ,,,: If this is you ,,,your family ,,,would you have kept silent ?

Would you have agreed to alive such a life though you are an innocent person ?

Let  the American  administration &  its malicious evil power  be burnt in  hell for what it is bringing to the  whole world  of misery & destruction ,,,..

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