Saturday, December 18, 2010


Julian Assange is more honourable than all these rotten politician and leaders who are calling for purity and virtues whereas they are full of evil ,,they are  monsters and beasts ,,,may be monsters and beasts are more merciful than them ....
One day the whole world will collapse as long as  the Americans  are in power
Honesty has become a guilt these days ,,,the fact that Mr. Julian Asange has raped a girl some time ago does not count in the western world ,,,because almost all people are doing it have done it and will do it ,,, it is part of their life ,,,culture or society ,,,WHY NOW HAS THE AMERICAN BECOME SO PURE AND VIRTUOUS ,,, I wonder ,,,this does not mean that I approve of raping ,,not at all but who is so angelic in the western world ,,,presidents ,,, politicians ,,,member of parliaments ,,,in all fields ,,, How so strange that only after he published   the  information of the important  secrets ,  they revealed this subject ,,, why didn2t they do it previously ,,,,what a revenge ,,, knowing that this is the only point to get rid of him and to make the media busy with the rape case rather than the important secrets which have ruined the world and will still be ruining it ,,,,WHAT MISCHIEF <<WHAT EVIL <<WHAT SATANIC IDEAS <<< WHAT DIRTY SOULS ,,,,

Has Julian Assange not revealed these important secrets , no one would have uttered a single word about this rape case ,,, tell how much is the percentage of  those who have not committed a rape  felony in the western world ,,, I think they can be counted on the fingers ,,, this big fuss is nothing considered to committing crimes against humanity such as wars ,,,if any one to be punished and judged it should be Bush ,,,and all those who have been slaughtering millions in the name of liberation ,,,democracy ,,, freeing the world or protecting America from a dictator ,,,all these false lies which have been uncovered now ,,, yet who will listen to me or to any other human being as long as America is the superpower ,,,,as long as America has the overruling hand ,,as long as America is satisfying Israel ,,we will all be convicted whether guilty as charged ,,,innocent or even dead ,,,

Homer said :   (History favours those who dare ) ..I say go ahead Wikileakes ...enlighten us more and more ,,,no matter what happens the truth should be revealed ,, Let the whole World know what kind of corruption  we are living in ,,, let each and every person who is living under tyranny ,,, who is a victim of being a human being who has come to birth in this world and who is suffering and tortured directly or indirectly see the light ,,,LET US all be clear minded ,,,let those tyrants who are sitting high in their ivory towers feel some guilt ,,that is if they can feel anything ,,,  let us for once in our life have the right to know what is going on ,,,let us know some information about our destiny which has been dictated by few criminals and gang of cowboys of the twenty first or second century ...let us feel how others are making our life dark and miserable ,,let us think till when shall we keep silent ,,let us have the power of faith and strength and courage to defy ,,,to challenge ,, to be brave enough to say the WORD OF TRUTH ..

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