Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Will There Be A Bright Future With the Existence of American Tyranny ?


Now that  we have become a story in history because of an American dirty whimsical desire to destroy our country knowing quite well that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction ,,, this fake filthy story of the threat of Saddam on American people and America ,,has become an illusion and plague ,,, Bush and his allies had played the worst plot by which they have brought Iraq into destruction ,,all in fact is because of the oil ,,,even the layman knows that ,,, Iraq is now destroyed ,,,all the Iraqi nation has suffered and is still suffering we are now back into the dark ages ,, the infrastructure is destroyed ,, everything is destroyed ,,,no Iraqi house is now away from tragic situation ,,, the pain and bitterness we have been through ever since that ugly war will never be out our minds ,,, most of the people are still fleeing the country which has turned into a wasteland ,,a graveyard   for the living as  well as the dead ,,, suddenly Iraq turned into a destroyed place full of the smell of death ,,, why is this so>>? To satisfy the arrogant ugly warmonger Bush ,,, I wonder why had a million  and a half innocent civilians  been slaughtered  ?about 5 millions left the country  with no idea of where to go ,,,ask the UNHCR all over the world to see how the Iraqis asylum seekers  are increasing day after day ,,, read the statistics about the refugees everywhere ,,, Go inside Iraq and see for yourself the miseries of Iraqis living there with no electricity ,,,no water ,,,poverty ,,unemployment ,,, administrative corruption in all fields ,,,, disabled ,, crippled people all over Iraq,,, ONLY THE KURDS HAVE WON THIS WAR ,,,It is crystal clear …because they are good allies of ISRAEL ,,,long time ago ,,, now they are living in paradise because America & Israel  are the best friends of the Kurds
 HOW CAN WE IRAQIS feel after this torture of America ,,,

America is the most powerful country all over the world ,,along with Israel its master  they  can surely ruin the glob ,,however any one who dares say a word of truth that might reveal their wicked plans and notorious decisions in killing ,,,slaughtering ,,torturing ,,starving ,,whichever acts that might be the cause in destroying any nation,, ,surely - he /she SHALL  be doomed ,,,burnt to death ,,,unless there is a word for cry ,,, media ,,, that reveals the fact ,,, thus we have to be very careful and alert ,,, what else can we do but be patient ,,,strong and defiant ,,,we must keep struggling  and challenging ,,, we must put ourselves in danger to say the WORD OF TRUTH against this monster in order to save humanity from its evil … 

If you are pessimistic about the future ,,,then what can we Iraqis ,,Palestinians ,,,Afghanis say ,,, DO you know that Baghdad ha snow turned into a wasteland ,,, a ruined destructed desert ,,Do you know that 4 million Iraqis ,,most of whom are the most efficient high degrees holders ,,,most experience people in all fields  have fled the country because of terror which has the USA ,,,thanks to its war ,,, brought to us ,,,Do you know that a million + a half innocent civilians have lost their life since the invasion,,,3 millions are displaced in tents in this cold weather ,,,the infrastructure of the country is  destroyed ,,,a country of an old civilization has become a wasteland ,,, all its wealth has gone to the Americans who robbed the most valuable historical treasures ,,, What shall I mention ,,I myself refused to leave  my home  town Baghdad ,,my country Iraq ,,, until I got the bullets in an envelop ,,, What do you know about what had the American done for the Iraqis ,,,why was this dirty war ,,,what liberation ,,,now that they got the oil ,,,the treasure they looted ,,,they are still planning to torture the Iraqi people by interfering in all details ,,,thanks to American + thanks to their slave s in and out of Iraq ,,, who are conspiring to KILL ,,,eliminate the innocent Iraqis who have done nothing ,,,
Only the Almighty Allah can finish America’s evil by a miracle …
HE only can save us from the oppression ,,tyranny ,,, violence  and evil of the Satanic USA + its allies Israel ...the Zionists and all other slaves of the DEVIL .

Pray with me wherever you are ,,,whoever you are ;;;whichever doctrine or religious you have ,,
As long as you are an honest decent true human being who believes in humanity  , peace ,love and the principles of all religious holy books  which Allah has dictated to us ,,,as long as you are a good believer in virtues and goodness ,,, pray

Have A Happy Peaceful New Year

Love & Prayers

Saturday, December 18, 2010

When shall Israel Stop?


Why does Israel have the right or shall I say rights to kill the Palestinians …Where is the Human Rights Organization ? Where is the Amnesty International …Where & where ?????  I have always repeated in my writings that Israel & America have won the ruling of the universe … as long as the Arab leaders care for their chairs and posts ,,,as long as there is no unity ,,honesty ,,,decency among Arab leaders Palestine will stay under the evil of Israel ,,, Iraq has now joined the club ,,Yet the  innocent poor Palestinians are suffering daily from the tyranny of Israel ,,, videos and documentaries show outrageous conditions of Palestinians ,,, I wonder till when shall we keep our mouths shut ,,,our hands chained ,,,no positive action is taken against these terrorists acts  …why do not we do something ,,,But what shall we do if we are chained all Arabs are good at talking ,,,give any Arab half an hour and watch him speak ,,,,he/ she  will make a desert an Eden Paradise ,,, let any Arab give a speech in any subject and live some moments in heaven ,,,we are bIG DREAMERS ,,,we are a nation of  SPEECH ,,not of DEEDS ,,nor ACTIONS ,,,Try to put your TV or radio on any Arab country and you will be amazed about the varieties of songs ,,,poetry,, ,symposiums wherein all speakers make you float with the happiness and luxury  ,,,with the progress and development ,,,in short the Arabs will never have their own rights as long as they are separated and each one thinks of himself …egoism is our motto ,,,
ALAS PalestineIraq. .Afghanistan ,,,will stay in PAIN …HUNGER,,, POVERTY ,,DESTRUCTION …All we need is a miracle to change our attitudes ,,,be more positive ,,,WHEN?????
We all know that Obama is another puppet in the hands of the Zionists and he will never be able to oppose the Zionist Israeli  lobby ,,, or shall I say again as I have written before he is even worse than the two Bushes ,,,father & son ,,, in his strategy towards the Arab ,,,Palestine ,,,or any other countries under  the  American control  ,,,this is because he does not have a mind to think ,,,he is only a machine which  does what is dictated to it without even thinking ,,,coming to power was his unbelievable dream ,,,, in short he admitted  previously  after his election that about 3 billion dollars are to be allocated to the Israeli nuclear programme whereas he prevented Iran from carrying on their peaceful nuclear programme ,,, this is not his call ,,,BUT HE IS A SLAVE OF ISRAEL AND THUS WE SHOULD EXPECT WORSE FROM HIM IN THE FUTURE ..
We have an old proverb  or   saying in Baghdad :
Give money or power to those who have been full then they became hungry ,,,rather than to those who have been hungry then they got full ,,,i.e. to   men from well off  class   not to men from off coming class  ,,,,so I would not be surprised to see any foul act from this man  who has erupted from nowhere .

As an Iraqi who has witnessed the ugliness and brutality of the American war and blasts till this moment  I can understand ,,feel and cry for each time I hear about Gaza and other places wherein the Israelis  or Americans  practice their terror and killing of innocent people ,,children ..women ,,,old people ,,young men ,, in short humanity is being slaughtered every moment in Gaza … Iraq ,, Afghanistan   ,,,wherever there is wealth there is terror ,,America is doing its best to kill ,,torture ,,, in the name of democracy  and  liberation ,,,Israel is the only superpower that can kill without being asked ,,,it is the master of the world ,,America its ally is the second superpower  ,, the daughter of Israel who has all the rights to kill and slaughter and  no one can say a word ,,, we have all become sheep under the power of a severe butcher ,,,, who can say a word ???? As long as the Arab kings  & presidents are fed by those two superpowers then let the people die ,,,suffer ,,,killed ,,,for the sake of the chairs  .
When will Israel stop ,,,,?
Will it stop …?
W hen  will the USA  stop..?

As long as there is evil they will never stop ,,

Will it stop …?


Julian Assange is more honourable than all these rotten politician and leaders who are calling for purity and virtues whereas they are full of evil ,,they are  monsters and beasts ,,,may be monsters and beasts are more merciful than them ....
One day the whole world will collapse as long as  the Americans  are in power
Honesty has become a guilt these days ,,,the fact that Mr. Julian Asange has raped a girl some time ago does not count in the western world ,,,because almost all people are doing it have done it and will do it ,,, it is part of their life ,,,culture or society ,,,WHY NOW HAS THE AMERICAN BECOME SO PURE AND VIRTUOUS ,,, I wonder ,,,this does not mean that I approve of raping ,,not at all but who is so angelic in the western world ,,,presidents ,,, politicians ,,,member of parliaments ,,,in all fields ,,, How so strange that only after he published   the  information of the important  secrets ,  they revealed this subject ,,, why didn2t they do it previously ,,,,what a revenge ,,, knowing that this is the only point to get rid of him and to make the media busy with the rape case rather than the important secrets which have ruined the world and will still be ruining it ,,,,WHAT MISCHIEF <<WHAT EVIL <<WHAT SATANIC IDEAS <<< WHAT DIRTY SOULS ,,,,

Has Julian Assange not revealed these important secrets , no one would have uttered a single word about this rape case ,,, tell how much is the percentage of  those who have not committed a rape  felony in the western world ,,, I think they can be counted on the fingers ,,, this big fuss is nothing considered to committing crimes against humanity such as wars ,,,if any one to be punished and judged it should be Bush ,,,and all those who have been slaughtering millions in the name of liberation ,,,democracy ,,, freeing the world or protecting America from a dictator ,,,all these false lies which have been uncovered now ,,, yet who will listen to me or to any other human being as long as America is the superpower ,,,,as long as America has the overruling hand ,,as long as America is satisfying Israel ,,we will all be convicted whether guilty as charged ,,,innocent or even dead ,,,

Homer said :   (History favours those who dare ) ..I say go ahead Wikileakes ...enlighten us more and more ,,,no matter what happens the truth should be revealed ,, Let the whole World know what kind of corruption  we are living in ,,, let each and every person who is living under tyranny ,,, who is a victim of being a human being who has come to birth in this world and who is suffering and tortured directly or indirectly see the light ,,,LET US all be clear minded ,,,let those tyrants who are sitting high in their ivory towers feel some guilt ,,that is if they can feel anything ,,,  let us for once in our life have the right to know what is going on ,,,let us know some information about our destiny which has been dictated by few criminals and gang of cowboys of the twenty first or second century ...let us feel how others are making our life dark and miserable ,,let us think till when shall we keep silent ,,let us have the power of faith and strength and courage to defy ,,,to challenge ,, to be brave enough to say the WORD OF TRUTH ..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Don't We Admit It ????

Why Don't We Admit It

Why do not we admit it....the USA ,,,the superpower, ,,supercollider ...the warmonger ...the ONLY POWER is ruling the whole world ..whether its economy  is deteriorating ,,,whether its nation is demolished ,,,whether its sources vanish ,,,AMERICA & Israel were ....are and SHALL  always be ruling the  world ,,,this is a fact ,,,crystal clear ,,,no way will America leave its great  powerful force to rule & dominate ,,,no way ,,as long as Israel exists ,,then BOTH warmongers go side by side to destroy  this poor glob ,,,,

No one knows how would I like to thank Mr. Robert Naiman an Iraqi who have been through the 8  deadly bloody incredible years of killing and slaughtering of innocent people of my own country for no reason !!! I have been writing articles,, ,,asking the whole world the same question :
What have we ( Iraqis) done to deserve this life ?????  What have poor Afghans  ... Palestinians ...other miserable nations done ,,,to deserve the on going pain & struggle ,,,after they have been living in peace for years ,,,No one can answer my question ....The rotten veil has been uncover ,,,THE TRUTH is revealed ,,,yet no one can ever say the truth ,,,that the American has invaded this country not to liberate it BUT TO STEAL IT
Sorry BUT this is the TRUTH that everyone knows YET is afraid to say
 NO ONE can speak out loud ....WHY?

If I  kill an ant , I keep thinking how cruel of me to do so ,,,,I wonder how would cruel leaders , presidents,, kings,,,  and all  those in power think when they hurt  millions of people ,,,nations who are under tyranny and oppression  …how do they sleep knowing that  million human beings are living in misery …

All we have to do is PRAY for a MIRACLE …
I , myself, believe in miracles ,,,
so I hope there will be a miracle to save the world …

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Wonder Who Are They Fooling ?

I Wonder Who Are They Fooling ?

I wonder who are they FOOLING …I always WONDER why would anyone do something he/she does not believe in….I call this DUALITY ,,,INFERIORITY …. If a woman ,,,of any religion wants to commit herself to her religious principles then she should abide by the rules and do whatever it takes to fulfill her commitments ,,,therefore Muslim women who really believe in Allah’s words which are clearly stated in the Holy Qur’an and which state that women believers who really want to be considered as real Muslims should cover their bodies by dressing long decent dresses and should not show their beauty to strangers , should not tempt or seduce men by showing their bodies or beautifying themselves in front of strange men …now what is happening nowadays all over the Arab countries and THANKS to WOMEN of Jordan, Egypt, Syria and the Gulf ,,,women wear tight stylish trousers, tight T shirts or transparent dresses , tempting clothes ,,,,not only that but all of them wear very full make up which make even the ugly women look beautiful or sometimes look like jugglers when wearing too much make or doing it improperly … putting on so many accessories and ornaments ,,in short these women make everything to attract the attention ,,, FINALLY they cover their heads or hair with transparent squinted scarves or turbans with many frills and lace in many colours …it is so odd ,,,funny and even not elegant ,,,I prefer a woman with no scarf and reasonable make up ,,,stylish clothes on one who make herself a joke ,,,that I call hypocrisy … of course I am not a clergy or a religious authority ,, nor am I a legislative side ,,,I am just a woman who has read the Qur’an ,,comprehend its meaning clearly without any wrong interpretation ( as those whose mother tongue is not not Arabic and who been converted to Islam but have copied the extremists sand fanatics such as the salafis & wahabis who have deviated everything in Islam ,,,,the way they deviated the meaning of the Qur’an thus they permit killing in the name of Jihad which is not at all right, so they turned Islam into a religion of TERROR to fulfill their criminal deeds and ill minds )

I would like to reveal the truth about this fact to clarify the origin of decent clothes and honest decent manners.

In Judaism ,,in the Old Testament , Moses says if a man looks a woman and he desires her ,,,then he should take off that eye which caused him to have a sin … Christianity ,in the Bible ,,,Jesus says if a man looks at a woman and he desires her then both are adulterers ,,they also have a sin …now if you come to Islam ,,,the Qur’an , which is the words of Allah ( God) says do not look deeply ,,,

These three example show that Islam is the least prejudiced and the most flexible religion … ,,,if you look into historical books ,,old religious books , you will find the truth which has been buried under the name of civilization ,,,westernization ,, fashion ,,,style ,,and whatever name you like to call it.

Mother Mary , Jesus ‘mother , wore long decent clothes and covered her hair ,,,Moses ’s wife ,,,all women in the old time ,,even before Moses or Jesus ,,,and after that all women covered their hair and wore long wide decent dresses in order not to attract men ,,,even nowadays Jewish women ,,,Christian women cover their hair when they go to temples and churches ,,,this is done out of respect to the holy places , and how about the nuns ,,,,,so why all this big fuss about covering the hair of Muslim women

BUT the problem with all of us is that we always follows others without knowing the reality …we listen ,,,imitate ,,and always blame others ,,, very few people try to know the truth about anything and everything ,…this is because designers are eager to be famous so they have to design new fashion ,,,each year thousands of designers all over the whole world appear with new ideas and most alluring designs to tempt women ,,,, The fact is most women wear what is so called fashionable without realizing that what is suitable for one woman may not be suitable for another ,,,taking into consideration each woman’s height ,,,weight,, skin colour ,,,so there are criteria ,,,some women have long legs ,,others have short legs ,,,some are fat ,,others are thin,,, etc ,,, therefore , an elegant woman is one who wears what suits her and she can still be stylish ,,,fashionable ,,elegant ,,and decent …

Most designers are men and to be famous they have chosen to design for women because most women have the tendency to follow blindly without thinking … why do not the designers change much in the lines of men’s wear ?????

Because men do not want to be criticized if they have put on something can be criticized !!! or too much different ,,, I read an article of an interview with Christian Dior one day in a fashion magazine ,,,they asked him a question about the perm ( hair style ) which was the fashion at the late seventies and women became crazy about it ,,, His answer was :

ONLY a foolish woman runs after any fashion whatever it is ,,,an elegant and beautiful woman is the woman who knows what is suitable for her whether her hair ,,her clothes or her make up ….This is the statement of Christian Dior …not me ,,,but what to do with most of us ,,,,women !!!!!

Another point , I would like to mention here is what is so called niqab ,,,covering the face ,,,and also the hands ,,, this has nothing to do with Islam ,,there is no mention of covering the face or hands in the Qur’an at all ,,,the face is the identity of each person and covering the face means disguise so the person who started this action has nothing of Islamic principles ,,,he definitely has done in order to hide something wrong ,,,therefore it is in Islam called heretics and all heretical acts are delusive and deceptive deeds …

Finally , I hope that one day all extremists and fanatics in all fields come back to their senses and live and let others live peacefully so we can regain our normal life all over the world .

Prayers for a better world with more peace & no wars ,,,with more good people and no terrorists …

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Iraq : The Hidden War

Iraq : The Hidden War

From Information Clearing House

In Case You Missed It


Iraq: The Hidden Story shows the footage used by TV news broadcasts, and compares it with the devastatingly powerful uncensored footage of the aftermath of the carnage that is becoming a part of the fabric of life in Iraq.


No matter who you are ,,,
An American ,,,African ,,Asian ,,,European ..English ,,, whatever nationality you carry ,,,whatever doctrine ,,,religion ,,,political views you believe in ,,, IF YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING ,,,,even an animal ,,,,would not , at all, agree to see these brutal pictures of KILLING
If I say , as an Iraqi ,,or shall I say as a human being ,,,, bettill,,, no real human can tolerate what we Iraqis are suffering from ever since the so called American liberation ,,,,which they – the Americans has called to justify their brutality and savage crimes in Iraq and to give themselves the right to stay here in order to steal the country’s wealth ,,,,if any person sees this video and others ,,,what would they say ,,,if the victims here were American ,,,Israelis ,,, of any other nationalities …the whole world would have turned upside down ,,,I have written previously in may article s& in my blog ( that I have never been a member of the Baath party ..or of any other party …neither have I liked Saddam Husain ,,,BUT ,,,honestly I wish we were still under his dictatorship ,,his oppression ..his rule short there was not much bloodshed ,,,killing ,,,kidnapping ,,,,chaos, terror ,,, ,,insecurity, ,,unemployment ,,,horror ,,destruction .. corruption ,,,life loss ,,, whatever bad connotation you can think of ,,, the American administration has appointed all its malicious figures to turn Iraq into an inferno ,,, to make the Iraqi people live in hell ,,it has been 8 years now since the bloody invasion ,,,what have we , Iraqis, gain ,,,????????

PLEASE do look carefully at the horrifying pictures in this video …would you like to be in the shoes of any of these victims ,,,,whether dead ( with bodies torn to pieces ….or alive with a lost leg ,,or hand ,,or eye…. Or even mind ????)

Why did Bush ,,,Obama ,,,all other American decision makers & takers think they can rule the world and do whatever they like JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE AMERICAN?????,

You all know that Obama has allocated 30 billion US Dollars from the American budget for the Israeli military purposes …I .e for the weapons of mass destruction ,,,SO this NEW PUPPET is no better that ITS previous evil ones ,,,

Suppose an American soldier has been wounded in Iraq ,,,,what would have happened …OH MY GOD ,,,the whole world would have nothing else to say or to write about but that poor American victims ,,, though you all know that America invaded our country ,,,we NEVER asked America to come over ,,,

We were better off with our dictator than now ,,,
We could have stayed under his rule ,,,what have we got now :::: democracy ????????freedom ?????better life??? We got more killing ,,,,more misery ,,,more deaths ,, ..

If there is humanity in the world ..

If there is justice....

If there is decency ..

If there is honour …
One should have cried out loud ,,,stated that what is happening in Iraq is outrageous ,,savage ,,,BUT each and every one is looking for his interests & welfare .Who brought Al-Qaida & terror to Iraq ,,,It is America ,,,

We , Iraqis were living in PEACE …what happened for some people during Saddam ‘s regime was for those who were trying to overthrow him and that definitely happens elsewhere ,,,as for other people who mind their business ,,,who do not have political problems or make riot …no one would lay a finger on them ,,,

All I ask from you is to be just ,,,to be human ,,watch this movie and think for a minute ,,,: If this is you ,,,your family ,,,would you have kept silent ?

Would you have agreed to alive such a life though you are an innocent person ?

Let  the American  administration &  its malicious evil power  be burnt in  hell for what it is bringing to the  whole world  of misery & destruction ,,,..

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