Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is Jihad ?
The Wrong Conception that Terrorists & Islamic Extremists Take in the Name of Jihad or Islam!

It is the greatest mistake to keep calling terror as ( Jihad) in the name of Islam . The Islamic extremists such as the Wahabis and Salafis who are in fact very fanatic Muslims and who do not really apply the Words of Qur'an correctly . The word Jihad in the Qura'an means to fight for the sake of God ( Allah) in case there is a deed which oppose God's principles and there is no way that this killing and terror is in any way similar to Jihad. Moreover there are may sorats and ayats in the Qura'an which state that killing a human being is not prohibited and if you if you kill one person then you are considered as if you have killed all the human beings ,,,,,
In addition to that the Qura’an always state that a person should always live in peace and never attacks or hurts anyone else …The Qura’an always encourages PEACE ..
As I mentioned before in my writings ,,,these Saudis have misinterpreted the Qur’an according to their wills and the problem is because Mecca is in the Saudi Arabia and it is the centre of pilgrims therefore whatever is written there ,,,is considered as THE RIGHT thing according to some Muslims or people all over the world .
PLEASE do understand that this is DEVATION of the words of Qura’an …and as the majority of Muslims all over the world are Sunni and most of them are not so much educated religiously therefore they follow whatever is written in Saudi Arabia especially the vast number of non Arab nations who get various versions of misinterpreted translations of the Qura’an . I myself got many emails and sites wherein the Qura’an was translated to English and French ( the two other languages I know) …. When I read the translation I was shocked ,,,it was deviated and the translation were very poor fact the whole meaning was turned upside down ,,,,most of it was literal translation ,,,,let alone the change of the meaning ,,,,after all this , I wouldn’t be surprised to see young illiterate uneducated Muslims from Afghanistan to kill others or be killed ,,, in the name of Jihad … in fact they will go to Hell for sure according to Islam and the Qura’an .
I do hope that I have time to review some copies of the translated Qura’an ,,but it will time because translating the any Holy book needs time and care in order to be correct ,,,however , even if I did
How would I control the vast spread of the Saudi Publishing Houses which are donating millions of translated versions of the Qura’an all over the globe???
How would I stop these malignant Wahabi and Salafi extremist movements from spreading like a cancer in the Muslim communities ?
How would I stop the whole world from thinking that Islam is a religion of TERROR ?
The world Islam comes from Salam which means PEACE ….so
PLEASE , PLEASE , PLEASE before you carry on adopting this idea and comparing any terrorist deed in the name of Islam ,,,,,Do TRY to know the TRUTH ,,,
JIHAD has nothing to do with TERROR ,,,all the terror which is going on in the world has nothing to do with Jihad ,,,
it is KILLING ,,,
it is TERROR ,,,

Dr. Nidhal

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