Friday, June 05, 2009

Who Needs Such A President

Mr Obama: Resign Now

With Democrats Like Him, Who Needs Dictators?

By Ted Rall

June 03, 2009

Information Clearing House"

Reference to Ted Rall ‘s article in which he showed the backwards of Obama ‘s policy …..
Before his election , I have written that Obama is only another face of the same coin ......nothing in his policy will change ,,,I was QUITE RIGHT ,,,Bush & Obama are the same they only differ in colour and race ,,,,they both are malicious dictators ....

Obama tried to mislead the Muslims and Arabs thinking that they are idiots ,,,

SORRY Mr. president ..we are not ...

Obama tried to mislead his own nation,, ,sorry again Sir but your people are also not idiots
So I do agree that Obama is not any better than his predecessors ...he is worse ,,,

BUT again the question arises here why was he elected ? why did the previous regime helped him to gain this post ,,,crystal clear because the USA policy is to help Israel and stand against Iran ...To overcome more and more dominate the Black continent Africa ,,,which is full of wealth and riches ,,,so why not play a game by putting a black puppet as the hero of the show and play the game as we want ..that is the :
BUT ALAS ::::::It is not what they wanted ,,,their plan went wrong …CREDIBILITY
Obama promised to release the photos of the rape and abuse of the Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib , then he change his mind saying that releasing them will put the American troops into danger ….
Obama promised to help the Muslim world and Arabs ,,,then he demanded the Arabs to give in to the Israelis ….and he keeps giving promises then breaking them ,,,,
What a wonderful president has the American elected?????
What a pity ...the Americans have chosen a president who will not help them but who will actually hurt them
As for the World ,,,,nothing has change it is always the same game as long as the USA dominates the world
So let us wait and see the new polished president's policy ????

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