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In order to help the Iraqi women solve their problems and get over their difficulties , many issues should be considered , decisions should be made , taken and implemented to get the best effective results .
Nowadays there are many international organizations , national organizations and nongovernmental organizations which are dealing with the Iraqi problems ; yet they are not really doing their jobs properly ….all they do is holding symposiums, ,workshops… .meetings,, ,,,etc,, discussing matters,,, giving questionnaires to certain people who are in fact not the real representatives for these problems ,,,all these studies that these organization do are just meant to be studies or reports to be given abroad by these organizations in order to cover up certain projects which are parts of special assignments of some international organization whether in Iraq or abroad ….money is allocated for such assignments ,,,,stuff are nominated to carry on the job and ,of course, results are revealed to the public ,,,how true and valid are these results ???? No one knows …this is because the team that is responsible for conducting this study does not usually take into consideration the majority concerning the nominees or the informants ,,,all their concern is , in fact, to give results ,,,no matter the coverage of the areas,, ,the samples,, ,etc.. so what matters here as I said before is to carry on the study,, give results ,,,then complete the projects,,,,.
Therefore to have more practical solutions for these problems -
on ; this matter should be taken into consideration and actions MUST be taken as soon as possible -because the situation is deteriorating day by day ,so I suggest the followings to be carried on:
· Make a survey to locate all women who are living now under the pressure of unemployment ; responsibility of supporting their families – whether children; disabled husbands and family members who have been disabled by the blasts, explosions and other tragic events that have been going on since the USA invasion, in addition to those women who have been victimized by injuries; being disabled ; widowed as well as those who have no one to support them
· Make a certain censuses and study to find the women who are living in poverty and who are unable to support their children , some of these are ill and need medical treatment ; others are living under miserable conditions ,,among garbage ,,,in tents ,,,under terrible epidemic conditions .This should be the main and first target in the programme and there are large numbers of families and women, in particular , who come under this category in the south and the centre of Iraq.
· Arrange for a special programme to educate women all over the country ( especially in the centre and south of Iraq); because the north is, in fact , an independent area which has a government of its own and it is only a name in the map and it seems that ( most probably ) shortly it will be separated from Iraq .Such a programme should be free for all women ; it should include many subjects and issues that are of importance to women in their domestic life ; to make them aware of their role in society and for their families.
· Allocate monthly salaries for those who are unable to work due to disabilities and poverty .
( the Ministry of Work is now allocating stipends to each family who has no financial support : 21US$ is allocated monthly to each person and until this moment most of those who are legible to get this stipend are unable to get this degrading amount of money-( for months and months due to technical problems as the officials mention to these poor miserable families…) ; however two days ago 15 millions have been spent spend to have a carnival of flowers and last month 10 millions were spent for the celebration of the so called Baghdad Day Celebration !!!!! Yet when it comes to the Iraqi citizens who have been suffering and have given their mot precious things ( their bodies; their health; themselves; their souls; their properties and all they have ,,,,,then they do not deserve to be given anything back ,,,WHAT AN IRONY and WHAT A TRAGEDY are we living in!!!!
Workshops should be made to teach illiterate women reading and writing , computer skills, languages, sewing ,whatever skills that may be of use to help them get jobs if they are young and if they can work ..
· Educate women to realize the fact that religions are and will never be the reason for enmity , quarrel and divisions and that all religions , sects should be respected ,,,
· Make awareness courses of the danger of terror, Al-Qaida, fanatics ,bombs ,explosions,,,,
· Make women aware of their important role in the society .
Support them in all ways possible and raise their morals to help them achieve the goals of these issues .
· Give those who are legible ,financial support or loans to start some projects .( not for the sake of publicity and media as is happening now from some parts….nor for those who are relatives or acquaintances of some influential people BUT for all those who really need to support their families and live decently …..)
· Arrange for those who are unable financially to carry on their studies – especially those who left their education or dropped their schooling due to the present time problems or because of threats .

As I mentioned , before , many NGOs as well as some international organizations claim to be doing all the above mentioned acts; however , this is only a cover and pretence for the general international media , or shall I say a propaganda for certain people and certain beneficiary parties ….there might be few numbers of families who actually gained some benefit but the percentage is so unsatisfactory and so little compared to the number of families and women who are suffering from bad, indecent and sad life due to the USA invasion .

I wish that the Iraqi government, in particular, and the humanitarian organizations try to do something concerning this tragic situation ,,,,,especially that the number of these victims is increasing day by day ,,poverty, sickness , diseases, pollution ,epidemics, displacement, ignorance , illiteracy;; ;;all these - in addition to terror ;killing; slaughtering ; imprisonment; torture of the prisoners ( most of whom are innocent) ; and unemployment have been growing vastly ,by and large, to the extent that life in Iraq has become unbearable and this situation is said to be worse than what happened after the wars in Japan, Korea and Vietnam .
I ,appeal to every person who has the influence and power and who can take action to solve any of these problems and who is able to make a decision to solve the problems of about four million -or more- Iraqis who are suffering – I beg him/her to do something in the name of humanity ……
PLEASE TAKE ACTION ….these are your own country fellow-countrymen/country-women – who need your help …..
We all know that the Almighty Allah Has His mercy upon people so why not we, human beings have some mercy upon each other ….
Let us all appeal and beg the authorities and influential people to think of others
Let us all pray that Iraq recovers and the Iraqis live more decently and be treated better to live as normal nations do ….

PRAY WITH ME for a brighter and better life and future …
PRAY WITH ME for a brighter and better life for all oppressed nations ….
PRAY WITH ME for more food for all those nations who are starving despite the wealth and treasures of their countries the best example (as you all know) is the black jewel ( AFRICA) that had been stolen by the imperialists for a long time and is still being stolen ….its nation is dying ….death and aids…infectious diseases are spreading …..poverty ,,,indecent life ….plague of the modern life ,,,,,all because the country is not in its people’s hands ….all because foreigners can never serve nor love a nation other than its nation!!!!.
PRAY WITH ME for the salvation of the world

Dr. Nidhal Al-Nakkash
2.45pm Sat.
18th April2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Black Water Crimes in Baghdad
Black water , other security agency and all other USA agencies working in Iraq —have got all the rights to kill , slaughter and kidnap whoever they want and no one at all has the slightest right to utter a word, raise a finger or write a sentence concerning their acts ,,,,I am not writing this out of the blue ,,,,This is the real situation we are living in now in Iraq ,,,as Iraqis — we should be blind, dumb and deaf …the Americans have been here for more than 5 years now and they have turned this country into a destruction ,,,a waste land, ,,,a graveyard,,,, a prison ,,,a place contaminated with all kinds of infectious diseases …. not even in the dark ages wherein plague ,,,,infectious diseases ,,, oppression …torture ,,,,whatever kind of suffering that those people faced ,,,now we the Iraqis are facing worse ,,,Do you know why ? Because we are now living at a time wherein the whole world is developed ,,,democracy rules,, ,human rights ,,,,freedom ,,,,BUT these values ,,, concepts ,,,doctrines ,,,are ONLY to be applied there ,,,not here ,,,not in Iraq ,,,,BECAUSE Bush has appointed himself as the OWNER of IRAQ ,,,the east ,,,and whichever country he likes to rob and wherein lies the richest wealth and best treasures ,,, as for the people ,,,he considers them as NOTHING ,,,,Now if Black water is going to be punished ,,,,,that is a JOKE ,,,,,they can simply employ the law and twist the facts in any way they like to make them innocent ,,,,and hell with each innocent Iraqi……..This is the LAW of the USAONLY the AMERICANS enjoy the application of anything they do ….No law is applied to them in case they commit a crime …All other nations should die …as a sacrifice for the bold Americans ,,,The Americans are the elite so they should live ,,,kill ,,,dominate the worldIn short ,,,it is the Iraqis who were at the wrong place at the wrong time not Black waterSo let it be ,,, it is their destiny …Let them die
Dr. Nidhal Al-Nakkash

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