Friday, February 06, 2009



AMERICA is the shame on the whole world
ISRAEL is the plague of this century …
No doubt that by now every one , whatever naive and simple , should have realized the meanness and ugliness this continent has ….Of course I am here writing about the government first and with America comes along Israel …again I mean the government ….Both administrative powers are destroying the world,, ,spreading terror and ruling every country in one way or another ,,,,therefore, I would say that the Zionism and USA dictatorship are by no means less malicious than the Nazis who burnt the world in the past ,,,,,The Nazis burnt innocent people alive ….no matter what their origin, ,,religion ..or race ,,,,NOW Israel is doing the same in Gaza ,,,America is committing similar crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq in the name o f democracy ,,,,liberation ,,,,whatsoever ,,,

As an Iraqi …I have , probably, repeated myself in my writings ,,,,say again ,,we have been far better before than now ,,,
WILL any American citizen accept to have a complete stranger come over ,,,invade his/ her country ….take over ,,,,rob off everything ,,,,control everything ,,,,destroy their country ,,,burn all the buildings ,,,,kill innocent people without a reason ,,,,steal the country’s most valuable historical wealth ,,, kidnap ….imprison…commit all bad deeds and then dictate everything to the natives,,,

HONESTLY, I doubt it ,,,,of course the same and even worse goes to Israel ,,,who is appointing its government as gods in Palestine ,,,,unquestionable….this is REALLY UNFAIR ,,,,if you ask me ,,,as a simple person …who has nothing to do with politics and politicians ,,,,I would say the reason behind all this tyranny is the way we - the nations – have been brought up as individual …taught and react …..most Eastern Arabs are very polite ….or shall I say submissive ,,,,whichever the adjective is ,,,or may be both ,,,I mean we are used to keep silent and never utter what we want to say ,,,,this behaviour has led us into DISASTER ,,,, The Western Arabs are known to be tougher ,,,blunter …more aggressive ,,than us and here comes the tragedy ……the ESTEEMED USA+ ISRAEL === NEVER venture to raise a finger in the face of Libya, ,,Morocco .,.. ,,,You may say but France was there to take the best and biggest part of the cake in the western peninsula …I will tell you that I am here talking about the BLOODY USA + THE EVIL ISRAEL ,,,,now is the time for these two demons ….
In short ,,,the plague was ,,,is ,,,will be ,,,much better than these two malicious infectious deadly diseases ( USA+ISRAEL)

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