Friday, October 16, 2009

Are Muslims Coming ???

The Muslims Are Coming
(  Information Clearing House )

What a pity and again I write ( THANKS to Bin Laden ,,,the Wahabis. ..the Salafis...the extremists and all those bragging about being Muslims and they have turned the name of Islam into Hell ) ...though they NEVER represent this clean religion ....

What a pity that Islam ,,the religion of Peace has been turned into a religion of terror

What a pity that the west and all other parts of the world which are not familiar with the principles of Islam ,,,have by now got the WRONG idea of Islam and thanks to those bloody extremists who are in no way Muslims

What a pity that the Saudis and Gulf Sheikhs and Kings are helping this malicious movements of extremes …imagine that they themselves are now having special fatwa to kill Muslims of other sector….imagine that Sunni Muslims in Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have now a new fatwa states that all Shia Muslims are atheists and therefore they should be killed ….now if this is called Islam …then , I myself, will convert to another religion …It is really a pity that the west has made a very vague idea about the reality of Islam …this is due to the little information ,,,books and media.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see such a joke being made about converting to Islam such as the one shown in the video in which they tell people in the street: “ If you convert to Islam , you will get a prize such as a toaster ,,,,)

What a joke ????

What a pity????

Of course that was part of the programme to prove that the Americans are afraid and may be disgusted from the word Islam ,,,how about converting to it …

As for the main subject about the Muslims coming and may be ruling the American administration ,,,,,this statement is completely wrong …because as I wrote in my articles before UNLESS THE ZIONIST LOBBY agrees and approves of anything concerning the USA and the World …nothing could be done …no decision is made or taken unless it is approved by the Zionist …I do not say the Jewish ,,,the Zionists …

If the Muslims who are coming are real Muslims with the right and correct principles ,,,beliefs …and the true religion then WELCOME to them …because then they will be spreading justice and peace ,,,love and forgiveness….prosperity and brotherhood…serenity and tranquility …equality and freedom …..

Alas ,,,nowadays a large number of Muslims in their own countries lack these because they are affected by the fanatics and extremists ,,, evil movements which are in fact sponsored by Israel and America in order to poison the name of Islam ….

Pray for a better world full of PEACE

Pray for a world with all TRUE RELIGIONS

Pray for a world free from HATRED

Pray for a world full of HUMANITY

Pray for a world free from GREEDINESS

Pray for a world full HELP & KINDNESS

Pray for a world full of LLOVE

Pray for a word free from WARS

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