Thursday, April 16, 2009


Black Water Crimes in Baghdad
Black water , other security agency and all other USA agencies working in Iraq —have got all the rights to kill , slaughter and kidnap whoever they want and no one at all has the slightest right to utter a word, raise a finger or write a sentence concerning their acts ,,,,I am not writing this out of the blue ,,,,This is the real situation we are living in now in Iraq ,,,as Iraqis — we should be blind, dumb and deaf …the Americans have been here for more than 5 years now and they have turned this country into a destruction ,,,a waste land, ,,,a graveyard,,,, a prison ,,,a place contaminated with all kinds of infectious diseases …. not even in the dark ages wherein plague ,,,,infectious diseases ,,, oppression …torture ,,,,whatever kind of suffering that those people faced ,,,now we the Iraqis are facing worse ,,,Do you know why ? Because we are now living at a time wherein the whole world is developed ,,,democracy rules,, ,human rights ,,,,freedom ,,,,BUT these values ,,, concepts ,,,doctrines ,,,are ONLY to be applied there ,,,not here ,,,not in Iraq ,,,,BECAUSE Bush has appointed himself as the OWNER of IRAQ ,,,the east ,,,and whichever country he likes to rob and wherein lies the richest wealth and best treasures ,,, as for the people ,,,he considers them as NOTHING ,,,,Now if Black water is going to be punished ,,,,,that is a JOKE ,,,,,they can simply employ the law and twist the facts in any way they like to make them innocent ,,,,and hell with each innocent Iraqi……..This is the LAW of the USAONLY the AMERICANS enjoy the application of anything they do ….No law is applied to them in case they commit a crime …All other nations should die …as a sacrifice for the bold Americans ,,,The Americans are the elite so they should live ,,,kill ,,,dominate the worldIn short ,,,it is the Iraqis who were at the wrong place at the wrong time not Black waterSo let it be ,,, it is their destiny …Let them die
Dr. Nidhal Al-Nakkash

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