Monday, February 23, 2009

Investigating Bush's Crimes

Investigating Bush's Crimes

Going through all the disasters and sufferings since the USA invasion on Iraq till this moment .....wherein Iraq was --at least living in a normal situation before the invasion despite the dictatorship of Saddam Husain .... I would say that Obama is no better than Bush ,,,,and this is the reason which makes him reluctant to have any investigation concerning Bush 's administration or any thing at all that might be of risk to him i . e Obama I have written many times before ,,,Obama is nothing but the other face of the same coin ,,,names differ but the policy is exactly the same ,,,,,NOW you can hear ,,,see ,, and read nothing but that Iraq and the Iraqis are the reason behind each and every sad story of any American soldier who dies...loses his leg....becomes depressed....loses his hair ....goes back with any problem to his family the outcome of the invasion of Bush+ his gangsters ....the destruction of Iraq ...the 4 millions who escaped from Iraq....the million and a half who have been slaughtered ...the damages ...the chaos ...the terrible life we are now living nothing compared to a slight fear ....a slight damage ,,,,,some pain ,,,,,an injury ...that has affected a soldier ,,,,,This is all unfair look down on Iraqis humiliate the whole nation kill shoot innocent civilians ,,,,to rob the wealth,, ,the oil ....the historical treasures ,,,,to commit all these crimes to Iraq and the Iraqis is ,,,,,,in fact NOTHING ,,,,at all for Bush ...Obama .....and whoever will proceed them because the Americans think that they are the CHOSEN ,,,,,they are the elite ...they can do whatever they want and no one should raise a finger or utter a word ....I have to write more but thanks to Bush + Obama I have to stop now because the generator will be off soon and I will not be able to carry on ,,,,
Believe me BUSH ....OBAMA ....ALL THE OTHER CRIMINALS WILL STAY AT LARGE ,,,,HAPPY enjoying their powerful rule ,,,,BUT ,,,,THEY SURELY WILL BE PUNISHED BY THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH ,,,,,if they were real true Christians ,,,they would not have gone so far in their crimes ....

Dr. Nidhal Al-Nakkash
Baghdad Iraq

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