Sunday, November 16, 2008


Believe me ...this is only a cover to claim in front of the media ....& the world ....which is no more buying this fake story that the USA is attacking Al-Qa'da ...BECAUSE it is the USA who has been feeding terror & the terrorist movement all over the world but , of course , as usual there must be a fake story to make the USA + its great cannibal ogre
( Mr. Bush Baba & not Ali Baba ) who is going around robbing each country and who has sent his slaves such as Dick Cheney , Halliburton, GLS , and other so called security companies to take all they can starting from the Iraqi Museum , the Iraqi Banks, the Iraqi oil ....and ending with ??????????
The greatest Bush Baba of this Century is Mr. G. Bush ...who deserves to get an Oscar ,,,a Noble Prize ,,,a grammy,,,or whatever award ,,,,for his charity work of slaughtering ,,,killing, ,,stealing plotting ,,,,,whichever crime u can think of ...
Hurray Bush Baba,,,
Halleluiah Bush Baba
Halleluiah USA

In the name of attacking terror all over the world ...we , hereby, Bush Baba & USA LTD ....announce that we are free to do whatever we want in the name of humanity in order to get whatever we wish for from whoever we wish for ,,,,AND no one whatsoever can raise a finger or utter a word ,,,otherwise we shall eliminate his country by an atomic bomb..........

Signed By
Bush Baba + USA Ltd

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