Saturday, July 19, 2008

American Bureaucracy

American Bureaucracy
If America is not a safe place for the Americans , themselves ,,,,,,then how come the bloody villain Bush attacked and invaded Iraq -----his excuse was that Iraq is a danger to the Americans and to the USA ,,,,well , then it seems that the westerns ,,,,the cowboys ,,,,the elites ,,,,,the chosen,,,are always afraid and they fear even the birds on the sky which fly in other continents' territories ,,,,
Bureaucracy , is all over the whole world is something that we all hate and still live with it ,,,,,but I wonder -----if the Americans are such perfections and ......
SINCE THEY HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT , THE DEMOCRACY AND THE RIGHTS ,,,,,,WELL , THEN HOW COM THEY CAN NEVER EXPRESS THEIR POINTS OF VIEW CONCERNING BUREAUCRACY .....or is it forbidden and prohibited to do so ,,,,,,then it is always the other nations' destiny to be the victims of the USA government and politicians to throw their poisonous revenge ,,,,,I still , am surprised and I will always be ,,,how can the American people be so sad and the American women cry and cry just because someone cut his long hair after letting it grow for 3 years ,,,,how do Americans cry and shout to see a woman putting on a new dress ,,,,wearing make up or dressed to go to a party ,,,,,,all this shows what kind of nation is this ,,,,A nation that is so shallow ,,,so superficial in thinking ,,,,,and most of all have no humanitarian sense ,,,,,Millions of people are dying daily in Afghanistan , Iraq , Palestine , Darfur ,,,,,U all know where and how ,,,,
Still I would like to ask :
Why Is America controlling the world ???????
Why is it that no one can utter a finger in America's face ?????
Why do we ----other nations have to bother about American system knowing that it is America which is messing in all the other continents ,,,not only countries ??????
Years ago ..there was no terror ,,,no Al-Qaida , no killing ,,,
There was peace all over the world ...
But it is always the USA which starts wars , kills people , slaughter nations and demolish whoever it likes ,,,
Why for God's sake ????
I need an answer ,,,I want some body to tell me why?
Please whoever writes this ,,,I do beg u can you answer my question ?
Who is Bush and what right does he have to rule the world in this bloody ugly way ?

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