Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Security Agreement

The Security Agreement

What really surprises me is that many times the Iraqi government always does the same mistakes ,,,,,,when they signed the constitution ,,,,,,,,,they never realized what lies beneath (it seems they were in a hurry just to sign without reading carefully the contents of it ,,,) that we have ( the nation) have known only after many points appeared and faults which the governments itself admits were or are not suitable and should not be applied ,,,,,however they all signed with their own will ...nobody forced them ,,,and therefore things should go on no matter what they found ,,,the consequences are and will be on the nation,,,the Iraqi people are the sufferers ....BECAUSE whatever happens it is the people who suffer not the government .....after that the Parliament or Council ,,,whatever the name is ....they are nothing but a group of bad actors ,,,,every Iraqi knows that all the members are always on bad terms with each other ,,,,mostly on personal bases ,,,however ,,,,they are doing nothing to the POOR IRAQI PEOPLE BUT each one of them is getting thousands of dollars monthly though most of them are abroad not attending the meetings ,,,,and even if they do they vote for their own moods and points of views or shall I say interests ,,,,,NOT a single Iraqi has got any benefit or interest from the constitution or the parliament ,,,,,,Now comes the Security Agreement ,,,,,the honourable government signed and agreed on its conditions ,,,,then AS USUAL ,,,,each lock of the plait started finding faults here and there ...not only that but also all the various parties started acting patriotically and nationally by claiming their different ideas on whether it is good or bad one no one ever thinks of the interests of the Iraqi people ,,,each party and each group wants to appear as the hero and the saviour of the POOR IRAQI NATION

Nidhal Al-Nakkash
12.09.08 - 9:33 pm #

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