Monday, March 10, 2008

Criminal Becoming Sahwa

Criminals Becoming Sahwa
Again this foolish or shall I say wrapped up nicely apparatus appear ,,, and HERE I refer to the so called SAHWA or the AWAKENING groups .....Any Iraqi person knows crystal clear that this is NOTHING but another DIRTY GAME of the USA in order to shut up mouths of those who lay fingers on the American's failure in controlling Al-Qaida ...I would like first to describe those who call themselves Sahwa : they are all unemployed vagabonds, criminal , previous prisoners , thieves , smugglers and you can name it .....All Iraqis know that most of these live in Anbar ( Ramadi) and they have now - with the new weak Iraqi government which can never distinguish between those who really studied and got their Ph.Ds or those who bought Degrees from Mraidi market ( A market in Thawra /Saddam/Sadr city) thus the government appoint ministers , parliment members and who knows what else this government is busy by collecting money and wealth and they have no idea what is going on here and there ,,,now when the USA failed to make peace and security in the country - few of those gangsters decided to take advantage thus they gathered , met with the USA representatives and stated that they have a WONDERFUL ,SUCCESSFUL and EFFECTIVE PLAN to control the chaos in the COUNTRY ,,,BY FORMING the so called sahwa ...The Americans do not know anything about the background of those and how could they ,,,,GREAT they thought and so there was the SAHWA ,,,Now the sahwa members are getting monthly salaries & in hard currency , they have an illusion that they are keeping law + order and every one has believed in this BIG LIE ; therefore -- being given this importance each and every one of them has made himself a hero and they started appearing on TV channels , giving speeches , accusing this and that ,,,,let alone the personal hatred and thirst for revenge ,so they can accuse and kill every one saying that this & that disturubed the law ---who knows and who is going to check or investigate ,,,all this and the Iraqi government is so proud of what is going on - what an achievement ????....the new safety and security plan is OK is great ...everything is OK now ,,,,these are the sentences we hear from the radios + tv channels ,,,,THE TRUTH ,,,,nothing has changed ,,,killing , kidnapping and slaughtering is still going on and probably is increasing ,,,,I keep wondering and asking this simple question :( How many Iraqi responsible person has the conscious and honesty to come down to earth , leave the personal ego , postpone stealing and try to to see the suffering of this wounded nation ?????)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE , a simple question to any Iraqi government member :
ARE U Iraqi ? Have u sold your soul to the USA ???
Or to the DEVIL ????Have u forgotten your conscious?
Life is too short ,,,REMEMBER one day YOU will die ,,,,WHAT WILL U SAY TO ALLAH?
Doomsday is near !
Do not be so proud of your dirty deeds Saddam Husain ruled in his tyranny ; dictatorship and arrogance for 35 years ,,,,
Where is he now ?
How was his end ?
Do you remember PLS recall !!
PLEASE$ TRY TO REMEMBER THAT ALLAH IS SEEING YOU and one day you will be punished for all this torture of the POOR IRAQI PEOPLE .
Dr. Nidhal M. Al-Nakkash
Baghdad IRAQ

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