Tuesday, August 29, 2006



It has been more than 3 years since the Americans had invaded or as they call it ironically liberated Iraq....... And what has been happening during these years is nothing but killing, ruining ,destruction, bloodshed everywhere every minutes ....Unemployment and now ......The worst thing ever.........What these bloody monsters have planned for killing everywhere in Iraq has been increasing minutes by minutes ....... What is really killing me and those who think like me is that the Iraqi puppets are claiming that they are having new security plan every now and then ,,,,, look now the massacres are spreading here and there under the cover of RELIGION ....Or what the liberating-invaders call it SECTORIAL war ......
And what about the fools who think that it is so .....This is shia'a area and that is sunny area ,,,,,,,, and who knows in a very short time what new criterion will they create for the foolish or thick brains of some Iraqis and Arabs or foreigners who will believe this dangerous silly odd conspiracy ,,,,,someone who has not even been mature enough to lead has suddenly found himself a big leader and took the right to form an army under one of the holy relatives of the prophet ,,,,only because his father was a well known significant religious personality ,,,,,so he gave himself the right to state orders to kill under the name of Islam or shall we say religion ???????? It is a pity that all his followers or shall we say 90% are ignorant , pick-pockets , thieves and .......... I

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