Friday, November 04, 2005

Poisoning Minds & Spreading Corruption Through TV Transmission

Poisoning Minds & Spreading Corruption Through TV Transmission



For those who are Muslims I say :

I wish you all a very happy Eid full of love, prosperity, goodness , understanding , mercy, kindness, health, good fortune , care , help and whatever you like to come true .

I wonder how many of us are really practicing the actions and deeds that are supposed to be done during the holy month Ramadhan and in Eid Alfitr !!!!!! I keep wondering my friends for years and years …..How many of us are real Muslims who carry the same principles of the religion Islam????? Sorry , I am not preaching …I am just asking or shall I say thinking loud !!!!! very RARE is the answer ; do not be surprised dear friends ,,,this is the bitter truth . In this hectic life we all are having a fierce violent race to win ….we hardly remember to help each other ; everyone cares for his/her own interest and welfare …our world has turned into a selfish greedy materialistic prison wherein each and everyone is fighting to get whatever in other people 's hands!!!!! Tell me when was the last time you thought of a hungry person when you are full ; of a sick when you are healthy , of the poor when you rich or just well off, of the oppressed when you are the oppressor , of and of and of…..believe me dear brothers and sisters – in the middle of this terrible worldly life we all must be committing so many mistakes if not bad deeds without knowing because the huge dark current is taking us away from our own inner selves unless we keep a reminder inside our little closed brains and that my dear is very difficult…..but why ? because no one of us wants to admit that he /she is mistaken ,,,it is always the others …as if we are PROPHETS ….why is it that when there is a good action or deed it is you but when there is a bad action or deed it is the other????? Human nature ,,, man ( males & females) always wants to think that he is right …part of one's egoism , I suppose … look around you inside your own little homes , offices and elsewhere and see how many times you have done something wrong and then accused your partner , brother , sister , mother, father, son , daughter ; colleagues , mates , friends ,,,,even strangers in the street ….tell me when have you ever confessed about a mistake you have done ,,,rarely … do not you know that :
' TO ERR IS HUMAN ….TO FORGIVE IS DEVI NE' ….so what …you say …no dear this counts a lot because life is too short to spend on such matters , on frivolous acts ,,on quarrel , on any bad deed … but , of course , no one cares because life must go on ….that is the weak wrecked fabricated easy answer …tell me now is Ramadhan and we are supposed to be Muslims ,,,,,how many of us has given alms giving (sadaqat ) ,or helped the poor or the sick , donated to some people , made a charitable act,,,, have you seen these western actors and artists ( whom we think are the most corrupted people --- they are) ,though they are indulged in vices ,,,they have been making concerts all over the world to donate for the victims of the hurricanes, floods and starvation ,,,to help the poor and to aid the miserable . As for us , Alas ,,,The Saudi Arabia Kingdom is so eager and ready as a pioneer to spread all the illegal unethical anti – Islamic issues just to get more money …. EASY there ,,,I am coming ,,, The kingdom wherein Mecca , the Holy ground of Prophet Mohammed ( SAWS) prayers may be upon him – has turned into a centre for spreading lottery , prostitution and the like …HOW ????? surely you watch the satellites channels …more than 16 of them are transmitting programmes that are so disgusting and most of these are identical copies of the Israeli channels except for the change of Hebrew into Arabic language …..why do should we care to utter a word about this ,,,we are enjoying these progrmmes ,,,right ,,,,however ,

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