Monday, October 03, 2005



I wonder how can anyone respect himself / herself when they behave in a very deceitful manner !!! nowadays there are people who pretend to be honest and decent in front of all those whom they know and particularly those whom they live with , I mean their spouses, but the reality is that they hide other faces under the masks they wear here and there.
They are psychologically sick ; they have schizophrenic characters .... they lie every day to their closest people and most of all they lie to themselves and their creator ....Allah is aware of their false life and of every moment they spend in cheating on their closest people especially if the latter's are sincere and good and treating them as best as possible .... I wonder how can a man respect himself seeing himself lying every moment to his wife pretending that he is a good decent person , a sincere husband and an honourable man when he is cheating on her each and every moment with this woman and that ??????? I wonder how can he sit with her . talk to her and eat with her ....even worse how can he share his life and sleep with a woman for whom he feels only hatred , detest and even waits for the moment of her death .... I wonder how can he look at her face and in fact he does think of another woman ....
I keep wondering of so many things since this subject has become a concern of thousands men and women all over the world that is full of infidelity , cheating and betrayal ....Sometimes I keep thinking and thinking and reach nowhere as long as such men and women exist and live behind closed doors and I wonder why don't they be HONEST and tell the other partners the truth..." the house will break " some say... well at least you will be honest in front of Allah . yourself and your partner ......I believe that every person whether a man or a woman should be honest and should not deceive his/her partner .... I myself prefer to stay alone than live with someone whom I do NOT like – never mind love- rather than pretend and act that I like him while I am cheating on him and /or have a relationship or an affair with another man ...I think I will respect myself more if I be honest and tell the truth rather than let my partner live in struggle and ups and downs ,,,,and what will I say to Allah when I will stay there for judgment in Doomsday ,,,,,,how will I explain my foul and playing around frivolously while that poor decent man thinking of me as an angle ,,,,how would I respect myself ????How would I sleep ???? How would I sneak around here and there to contact my lover while my poor decent good husband preparing himself to meet me or waiting lovingly after a long day ,,,,,how and how ,,,
I just think that all goes to the person 's background , bringing and family .... If a person is brought up in a decent environments full of honour and dignity , righteous manners and real knowledge of Allah and the good principals of any religion and good manners ,,,,then none of the previous conduct will appear especially if the man or woman are mature and no longer teenagers ,,, ,,,,they should respect their married life and sacred relation which have bond them in a mutual life together for ever unless their destiny was otherwise for some other reasons, they should forget about such frivolous acts ,,,,,how can they go around cheating on their partners and still behaving normally as if nothing happened .They go home , talk about work and their daily activities and everything as if nothing happened then they cuddle hug or kiss their partners end even they make love to them as if nothing has changed ,,,,,what about feelings? what about emotion ? what about sincerity and trust ......all fade for such people because they have lost their decency, honesty and conscious ....they might have remorse but who knows ,,,I thought of asking one of those but I am sure he will deny the whole matter because he had previously done so and when I discussed it with him he defended his point of view and kept repeating that he was right ,,,of course from his own point of view – which has nothing to do with religion ,law or social trends let alone personal feelings – thus I realized that I 'd better quote what I have read in books especially religious and legal besides what I had seen and heard on special programmes on international stations of radios and televisions in which specialists had discussed that problem .Most of these documents refer to such characters as sick , maniac or mentally and emotionally destructed ….

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