Thursday, September 29, 2005

Living in Post War Iraq Period

Living in Post War Iraq
No one knows how is life in the post war period except those who experience it . The good decent honest Iraqis are now dying 24 hours aday ..... They are tortured , encaged in their own houses , scared to death of what will come any minutes , can not even work - I myself am being offered many good jobs and with very good pay but I can not accept them because of the insecure unsafe chaotic situation ,,,,, thousands of qualified experienced people are now unemployed either because they are scared of being assassinated or because there are no place for such DECENT persons .......
Many families who used to be well off or upper middle class are now in a very bad condition - I mean - financially ,,,, the reason is the administrative corruption ..... Thousands of those who use to work with UN agencies and organizations have been terminated so they are now unemployed with families who want food on tables ..... I just wonder what a dirty mean scenario was written between bloody tyrant Saddam Husain and arrogant idiot George Bush .......Which changed Iraq - the wealthy country - into a wasteland ... And made it a safe haven for the terrorists ???????? It is so clear that a dirty plot has been made to rob Iraq of his wealth and whether Saddam knows about it or not , he had participated in the crime of making the dignified Iraqis into humiliated refugees and degraded nation .....What a crime is more than making people leave their country for fear of being kidnapped , killed or even starve to death .......How can anyone not blame Saddam Husain for his criminal action .....35 years of torture were not enough for him ......about a million Iraqi soldiers were killed or became prisoners of war because of his stubbornness ; thousands of children lost their fathers; thousand of women lost their husband , thousands of mothers lost their sons .....tragedies were in each Iraqi house ....for what ?????For Saddam's integrity !!!!! So that he becomes a hero !!!!!
The Iraqis are now living in an illusion , a dilemma , a nightmare , ,,,,whichever name you can give to this insecure , unsafe ,crazy situation wherein you wake up thinking a bomb will kill you ---- someone will kidnap you , some insurgents will slaughter you or may be an American soldier or an Iraqi soldier will shoot you -----MISTAKING LY------- thinking you are X but not Y ....How very ironic ,,,This liberation ------

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